Pop Century during volleyball tournament

Family trip to Disney booked and we just found out the host resort for the AAU girls volleyball tournament will be at our resort, Pop Century. Has anyone else experienced this? Should we try switching to a different hotel? Or is it not that bad?

I was there in December during Pop Warner which had a whole pile of cheerleaders and football players. My initial room was in the 90’s section, as soon as I saw the outside area I headed to the front desk for a room change. Every room door nearby was covered in cheer decor, and I am a very light sleeper. Anyway, they moved me to the 70’s I think, and it was wonderfully quiet. The front desk CM said all the cheer and football groups were in the 80’s and 90’s, as they do with all groups. I walked by the 80’s and 90’s many times during the week, and it was pretty noisy. I think you will be fine at POP, but I would request a room away from the 80’s and 90’s. I never went to the food court so cannot comment on whether it made a difference there or not. Also, volleyball girls may not be as loud as cheerleaders are, the cheerleaders practice outside the rooms at all times of day, I would think the volleyball girls will not be cheering loudly, but don’t know for sure.


Thank you! This is very helpful! I will request a room away from 80s/90s and call to confirm that is the area where this group is staying.

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We stayed at Pop during a marching band exhibition of sorts. It must have been pretty big because they were everywhere. We stayed in the 70’s building and it didn’t help much. They were not using instruments or anything but they crowded every inch of the common areas.

We were miserable during that stay. The food court was a madhouse. Not a single table available even early in the morning. The lines were atrocious and there was a soda spill every few feet. The experience was so bad that I decided not to stay at any value hotel ever again.

I would switch to another hotel.