Pop Century Coffee makers

What do I need bring for the coffee maker: coffee or pods, filters, etc.
Can I just boil water for tea?

I’ve heard boiled water works really well with tea! :joy:

j/k and sorry, I don’t know about the coffee makers at century pop.

The coffee makers have the round filters with coffee in them. There are small packs of sugar and a little creamer.

This is the coffee maker in the room. It isn’t obvious, but I don’t think it takes pods. Rather, they provide small Joffrey’s packets.

Yes they just take little round soft sided single serving packets. I just used the ones they provided. That is until a fellow liner gifted me a couple of refill mugs!:grinning: but back to the subject at hand, the Joffrey’s coffee was good and you could easily use the maker to make water for tea.

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thank you everybody. so informative here :slight_smile:

when did they get coffee makers in the rooms at pop? i went in october '17 and there weren’t any.

In the past year they have refurbed the entire resort and all rooms have them now. The redesign is great, much more storage and better beds (queens).