Pop Century Buses

I have a reservation later this year for Pop Century (POFQ is still not open & not a fan of CBR or CSR) and am wondering how the buses have been for this resort. I’ve stayed there a few times, and enjoy the resort, but the busses were horrible (45+ minute wait was the average returning from the parks). With less value resorts open, has the bus service become better or still the same?

Thank you

But service is spotty, not just at Pop, but everywhere, due to the fact that buses can’t fill to capacity. This is partly why several of the resorts having re-opened…they need more buses from those other resorts to service the existing resorts to keep up.

As such wait times can fluctuate widely depending on time of day. Waiting all the way to closing at a park, for example, means you in the mix of all the other people leaving the parks at the same time when demand is highest and they can’t reroute buses.

However, if you are hitting the buses during off times (before closing, mid-day, etc), then wait times are better.

I guess the short answer is…bus service is sporadic and unpredictable.

Thank you!

I’ll tell you that this week has been awful from what I’m seeing in a group I’m in for March trips. One day people waited 2 hours for a bus in the morning. Huge lines wrapped around the property.
I don’t think it’s usually that bad, but spring break crowds have made it really difficult for the limited staff they brought back. Pop seems to be getting the worst of it. I have seen complaints at Coronado also, but nothing like what is going on at Pop.
Making me nervous for when ASM opens in a week.

uh oh. that’s not a good sign. I would have thought with less resorts open, the bus
transportation would be better

I thought I remember signage, at POP, stating that buses for HS, EC would be limited due to access to skyliner? Is it all buses or excessive waits for AK, MK? And there was a resort that posted a reminder that they could drive to the park since parking at the parks was free for resort guests.

they aren’t loading them to full capacity so it’s taking longer

MK from what I’m seeing.

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