Pop Century & AKL Refrigerator Question

Does anyone know the inside dimensions of the refrigerators at Pop and AKL?

Anyone there or about to be there that could measure them? Can you take the shelves out?

We were just at POP last week. I don’t know the actual dimensions but the shelf can be removed. We were able to fit a 1/2 gallon of milk along with several bottles of water and a few small containers of fruit. Our 18 month old grandson tried to sit inside of it and couldn’t fit all the way if that helps :rofl:

LOL! That’s a unit of measurement I’ve never used! I’ll tell DH. Are they deep?

not too deep - the 1/2 gallon of milk fit nicely (depth) without much room to spare beyond that.

:frowning: I was afraid of that. We’re going to request an extra because of DH’s dietary issues. Hope they have an extra for us to use.