Pool/Resort Daily Activity List?

Anyone know where we can find the schedule for the Universal resorts (cabana bay specifically) daily/weekly activities? Such as movies at the pool, characters in the forum, games, tye dye, etc? Or do they not do that anymore…

I haven’t ever seen one online. I’ve been given an activity schedule when I check in…

Daily = 7pm - 10pm

IME - During peak check-in times. (Mid-morning/early afternoon)

There are still ping-pong tables, over-sized checker boards & stuff… I’ve never seen a sign-up sheet or anything

I can’t find anything post-pandemic about this anymore. I’ve never witnessed it either. The only info I could find said it happens at 2pm. (if still available)

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Wow this is great info, thank you. I wish they’d post a schedule like Disney does.

Because the parks close so early next week when I’m there, I’m sure to watch at least one of the movies at the pool :upside_down_face:

I miss the tye dye shirts… mine got destroyed in the flooding we had last year. :frowning: maybe I’ll just to have make my own!

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