Pool hopping

If you’re staying at onsite hotel, do they still allow pool hopping? Trying to decide hotel based on pool v cost.

Pool hopping is not allowed unless you are a DVC member and there are restrictions even then. However, they often do no check ID. From reading and my modest experience I doubt you would get checked at a moderate, value (except AoA) or AKL. My ID was checked at the Poly when it got busy (1 out of 4 days), BC of course but not GF (main pool was under construction though).

I read recently that pool hopping is allowed at universal. But i do not remember where i read it or how old the i formation was. Anyone have more recent universal knowledge??

They are asking about universal not Disney…not sure what the rules are at universal. Well at least it’s under the universal category.

This this was posted in the UNIVERAL area - I assume you are talking about UNIVERSAL resorts. YES you can pool hop. I know you can do it among the deluxe resorts - but I don’t know if there is reciprocity among ALL the resorts. However - I would also take into account that you get Express Passes included at a DELUXE resort - well worth the extra cost

Yes, I’m debating Cabana vs other. Have a small child, but just old enough for slides and he enjoys these along with splash pads. Like the lazy river idea at cabana, but the Portofino pool looks fun. I also need 4 rooms for 6-7 ppl and the math is $700 cheaper for 4 cabana rooms and paying for Express (just single ride) vs getting 4 Royal Pacific rooms with the Unlimited express. The pool at the Royal didn’t look that impressive, and HR and Portofino MUCH more expensive (~$1500). Might be interesting to know if a single Premier Pass to book 4 rooms with discount might be worth it.

So we stayed at Portafino. (I think I have a long drawn out review somewhere). All I can say is Motto bello!!! It was wonderful on all levels. We spent an evening at the main pool. People were there - but not crowded. Nice sand - it is zero entry pool and they have a great slide. The pool service was also nice. Had dinner there - and instead of paper plates - things came out on nice dinnerwear. Drinks were obviously in plastic cups though. YES it is a bit more expensive - but the rooms were huge, they also are QUEEN beds as compared to doubles in other areas ( A MUST for us). Also it just had a wonderful aire of relaxaction and sophistication that was a wonderful respit from the rest of the hurried days of the park.

The service was spectacular. We got in very late and this older gentleman showed us to our room. He grabbed us a TON of waters (without us asking) and pointed out everything in the hotel on the way. He seemed sincere and happy to help us at 12:30 in the morning. The service the balance of the time was just as wonderful. Although we had a water view - we only enjoyed it about 10 minutes each day - so a water view is certainly not necessary. I would highly suggest this hotel over the others as I think it will give you the experience you would want on a vacation. We went from here to the SWAN (which was awful by comparison)

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