Pool Hopping still allowed?

So, is pool hopping still allowed at Universal? I seem to remember hearing that Disney doesn’t allow it. Thinking of staying at a Premier and then going to Cabana Bay for the lazy river.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but every time I read about the lazy river, I get annoyed with myself. I always want to go in it, but I never want to leave the theme parks, so I have never actually made it into the lazy river, even when I stayed at Cabana Bay!


Well, they are closing earlier, so it should be easier.

In August we were at Volcano Bay and talked to a woman that was staying at Cabana Bay and hadn’t known until she arrived about the water park.

I actually called HRH about how to get to Cabana Bay from HRH to use their pool. The person on the phone said they are not currently allowing any pool hopping.


Thank you. That is helpful and a bummer.

We might end up doing a split stay then. The price difference had been low enough to make moving not worth the bother. But if that means no lazy river …

Thanks for the info.

Lazy rivers are pretty common at all sorts of theme parks with water parks. So if you don’t do it at Cabana Bay you can still do it at Six Flags, Hershey Park etc. just to name a few. The first time we went to Hershey Park I thought it was unique to them but soon found out (as my kids wanted to go to theme parks everywhere) that it’s a common feature. I love them b/c I don’t do any sort of thrill rides and can’t even do a water slide. I feel safe generally on a lazy river and it’s different enough than just a regular pool to feel like I’m really doing something special.


Oh, I love water slides. I want something at the hotel to do when we get back from the parks. DD is full of energy.

For our postponed Disney trip, I had us doing split stay and for the off-site part I limited the hotel choices to those with lazy river near Disney. It was a small list.

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