Pool hopping from RPR: Sapphire vs. HRH?

Lots of feedback on this forum that the pool at RPR isn’t all that for teens.

If we had one evening and/or mid-day park break to pool hop across our 2 nights/3 days at RPR, which would you recommend?

On the map, Sapphire seems like the closer distance from RPR, but never having really stayed at UOR, I have no idea the distances of things. Seems like a huge pool with a slide, and much closer to RPR.

Alternatively, we could easily just walk to HRH from USF either on a mid-day park break or at the end of our park day when exiting (i.e. around 4.30pm-ish) before heading back to our resort, assuming we take our swim suits into the park with us in the AM in our knapsack.

If we go back to our resort after a long day, no one is going to want to trek back to HRH, so we either hit it en route, or just go to Sapphire (assuming it’s a relatively close walk).

Any preferences?

Speaking of pools, we are staying at the Aventura on our final night due to walking proximity to VB and b/c it’s more our vibe, (and b/c I don’t feel like walking through the spread out Cabana bay for our room).

Our last night there we might chill at either the Aventura pool or Cabana bay (our flight doesn’t leave till 10pm). Since we will have spent the day at VB, I’m thinking the lower octane vibe of the Aventura pool will suffice…and we won’t need to embrace the lazy river at Cabana Bay. Everybody raves about the Cabana Bay pool, but at this point, staying near our bags, and keeping it simple I think will help us wind down our UOR vacay.

I’m not evening reading your full post before answering…Just walk next door. That Sapphire Falls pool is gorgeous and it also has a slide and it’s right next door! Hold on…I’ll show you my quick photo I took last summer.


Here’s Aventura which as an adult was lovely.

Also depending on when you leave/when it opens the rooftop restaurant is gorgeous and yummy!


Omg! I’m getting so excited about this trip.

Sold. Done and done!

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We’ve stayed at both HRH & Sapphire Falls & SF pool wins hands down! Huge & gorgeous - & SF is directly adjacent to RPR & right across from Adventura.

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This is unexpectedly perfect! I switched from HRH to RPR to save $ thinking I was giving up a good pool, but we will gladly head to Sapphire!

Thanks to all! So excited! Now I just need to factor this summer storms!


So I agree that when you are staying at Aventura you should walk over to SF pool. It is my favorite pool onsite. But… if I was staying at RP I’d just use that pool. It’s a really nice pool as well and not really worth the hassle to walk all the way over to SF. RP was always my kid’s favorite of the deluxes, even as teens. RP has a permanent net set up across a part of the pool and they’d volley a beach ball across it with other kids for hours. Love the poolside food there as well. Movies at night and pool table/games etc. plenty for kids to do at RP.


Just a little farther is Cabana Bay and they have a lazy river. Look how many hotels are in this little corner of the property.

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It does look nice. I admit the two times I stayed here we didn’t use it cuz there is no slide. I have to ride all the slides for science.

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Echoing Sapphire Falls. We added one night there just for the pool at the end of our RPR week coming up in June. We love a good pool slide.