Pool Hopping at Poly?

We (DW, DS10, DD8, DD6, me) are planning a post-COVID trip summer of 2022 and have a placeholder res at the POLY, our preferred resort. We’ll be joined by at least one, and possibly up to four other families (two sets of grandparents, two siblings’ families) who may stay at other resorts or off the property. We intend on spending some (but not all) of our time with them in the parks, for meals, and on rest days.

My question is this: What is the tolerance for pool access by non-guests there? Has anyone here ever seen someone get asked to leave a pool or to prove they were a resort guest? What if it was the other way around and we visited them at another resort? Thanks in advance for your insight.

Poly pool is immensely popular, even DVC owners can’t pool hop there. Right now with reduced occupancy, it’s even more regulated, with more popular pools having wait times to get in.
You usually need a magic band to open the gates at the Poly.
Please don’t do this. I would be incredibly angry as a paying guest if I had to wait while potentially 4 families of non paying guests were using the pool. That’s not fair.
Maybe capacity limits will be lifted by then, but even so, poly is often a hard pool to find a chair even in non covid times, which is why it’s exempt from even the DVC pool hopping allowance.
I know at BC, Stormalong Bay is just as popular and they DO police people to make sure they are resort guests.
I personally feel that if pool time together is important to you, you all need to stay together. It’s not fair to paying guests of any resort to have that many non guests using the facilities they paid to use.


Well said.


Thank you both for your response! I’ll suggest to the other groups that if spending time with us at the Poly pool is important to them, they need to consider it as an option.


I know pre-Covid there were times when people reported CMs going around the Poly Lava pool deck scanning magic bands. I’ve also seen CMs at the gate of the pool too checking bands when we were wandering around the grounds of the resort.

And last trip I had my magic band scanned at Bay Lake’s Cove pool.

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