Pool Day in Feb?

Is it ridiculous to plan a pool day during our trip in the last week of Feb.? We are coming from New England so will be happy with any temps above 40* that time of year! My family of 4 is visiting for our first time and staying at BLT - kids are ages 4 and 2. We are scheduling a “pool day” in between park days so we don’t get over tired, over stimulated, and cranky! That being said, we have a late brkfast reservation at Chef Mickeys and ADR at Whispering Canyon for dinner. Would spending the afternoon at the pool be a bad idea? Back-up suggestions in case the weather doesn’t cooperate?

The pools are heated so as long as you can handle the cool air outside the pool you should be ok. But there is also the arcade, or you could do something at FW like horseback riding.

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We swam on an early Feb trip. Happened to be chilly but pools are heated so it was fine. Tip: pack bathrobes for the chilly wet walk back to the room!


I also recommend downtown disney, perhaps a visit to DisneyQuest? Your kids will love it!

I think you’ll be fine going for a swim any day - like others have said, the pools are heated. I’ve swum at WDW on some pretty cold days (the pool was steaming!) in Jan and Feb and the water felt fine. I just wouldn’t plan on spending a whole afternoon at the pool unless it is a warmer sunnier day.

I swam two days during a trip last week with temperatures in the 70s and have been in the water in January with similar weather. You won’t know for sure that there won’t be a cold spell during your visit until closer to your actual travel dates, but if you swim during the sunniest part of the afternoon, then I’d say you are likely to be comfortable.