Pontoon boats

Has anyone rented the pontoon boats or little 2 person boats? Disney called me yesterday and canceled my day at blizzard beach with cabana. They are closing the day I arrive for refurbishments. With only 29 days before arrival the late notice is a bummer. Trying to recapture the magical feeling. (Currently not feeling any Disney magic). These boats look like a fun option.

The Sea Raycers (2 person) board are lots of fun. One of my favorite “extras”. The pontoon boats get great reviews and I would :100: get one if we were traveling with a larger group.

That’s too bad they’ve left it that late to tell you. The date for closure’s been around for a few weeks now, unless they’ve brought it forward again. They really should have let you know as soon as thatbdate was known. :frowning:

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Thanks for the info.

The carriage rides (FW, POR) are fun too, or there’s the hay ride at FW.

DS told me being able to go across the water bridge between 7 Seas and Bay Lake is fun on the little boats. I tried not to think of that at the time lol! He was 16 and had a blast.

Or kayaking / archery at FW too - might give one or both of those a try next time.

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The Sea Raycers (originally known as Water Sprites) are a blast, but be advised that around 150 lbs of passenger(s) they don’t have enough horsepower to “plane” and scoot across the water. Even though they are built for 2 passengers, they perform much better with just 1 passenger on-board.

The last time I rented, all boats could cross the water bridge between 7 Seas and Bay Lake. There is a speed limit on the bridge and at times I’ve seen it enforced.

The pontoon boats are my families favorite (already on my TP for this October) and we generally take a leisurely afternoon break to cruise the perimeters of 7 Seas and Bay Lake.

When they were younger I took my two boys on a fishing trip (the quide picked us up at Poly) and that was a big hit also.

I haven’t looked at the refurb schedule, but could you switch to Typhoon Lagoon?

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Great idea!

Which resort is best place to rent from? I am off site and will be driving to hotel

well that’s a bummer. I hope they compensated you somehow, like a gift card or something. Does the Void at Disney Springs interest you?