Pondering Resort Change (no one's surprised) But...Thoughts please?

Trying to decide for Marathon Weekend (I’m going regardless of if the races happen).

I’m currently booked in a Tower Water View room at CSR.

There are Kidani Savanna View Studios available for a bit more, and I’m pondering changing to that, but am not 100% sure. It would be as a cash reservation - not renting points.

My plan is to spend most of my time at Animal Kingdom - particularly on Sunday, so being closer is DEFINITELY a good idea there as opposed to being across property at CBR or one of the other Epcot area resorts transportation-wise with the Marathon happening on Sunday - so that is why I am limiting to these two (plus availability - if Jambo was going to be open for non-DVC rooms there would be no question, but they are currently not booking and no one knows if/when they will be).

Pros to CSR:
More restaurants (especially if the Mara, Boma, and Jiko are still closed - and I’m not sure if Sanaa is even open? Some things say yes, others say no) to choose from.
The Tower rooms look gorgeous!
I’m right there close to the lobby and bus stop.
Less expensive.

Pros to Kidani:
Animals - both at the resort and it could be nice to hang out on my balcony. I’d know I’d have a savanna view - I could end up with a lower floor in the Tower and not have much of one.
A tub - I like to do an ice/cold water bath after a race, and while it can be done in the shower, but it’s a little more miserable as all of me gets the cold not just hips and legs.
Seems a little closer to AK.

Ordinarily I would be looking at pretty much just rates, but I had to miss my birthday trip this year already (first it was Disney, then I made the decision to change to a cruise I knew would probably get cancelled - which it did but because the line did it, my TA still got her commission) and the longer things go on, the more I’m afraid that at least my February cruise will end up cancelled and possibly even my birthday back to backs in Europe if we’re still banned from entering for 2021, so I’m willing to spend a little more.

And then I was looking today…
I could actually get a Standard room at the Poly for the same price as the Studio, and the Poly is my dream resort, but I suspect getting ANYWHERE but to MK on Sunday at least until late morning/early afternoon would be an utter nightmare from the Poly. (And I’m pretty sure they only have showers now too, right?) Anyone with experience on trying to get anywhere but MK on Marathon day from the Poly? Is it as bad as I fear?

Thanks for any advice!!

If the EP monorail line is running you can also get to EP from Poly.

That being said: Sanaa is definitely open, it is a QS for breakfast. There is really nothing like sitting on your balcony and watching the animals. I love looking out and night and seeing them move around too.


The monorail would help for Saturday afternoon/evening. Not so much Sunday morning to get to AK…

Thanks! I’m kinda leaning towards the Studio - they have regular coffee pots though, right? Not the K-cup ones? It’s not a huge deal, but being just me I hate wasting a whole pot of coffee… Definitely a first world problem there.


Yes, they have pre-measured filtered coffee packs that make a pot of coffee.

They also have a bigger refrigerator, a microwave and a toaster.


No real experience… but I would think being near AK will be a def bonus fir you! Plus Savannah view is a dream of mine! Will you have time at the resort to enjoy AKL?

Assuming the parks keep their limited hours and capacities then yes, for sure. I’m not a huge sleeper-inner kind of person (I joke that I was absent the day they handed out the “sleep late ability” gene), but I could definitely take my time getting ready in the morning and relax a bit.

So true! The hours would make for great animal watching. Sounds lovely.

I tend to pick based on where I want to spend most of my time, logistics and what I need from the trip. I really love AKL. although haven’t stayed in Kidani. It is just so peaceful and I could sit and watch the animals for hours! Plus, there are fun extras to do, during normal times anyway. Kidani would be my choice for close to AK and if I wanted a more relaxed, recuperative trip. I haven’t stayed in the towers… Poly has a fun vibe, but sounds like it’s not a great fit for what you want to do this trip.


Is this true post closure? I might be staying there at end of august 2020. Is there enough coffee packs for a week? Do they restock or do i have to buy some?

Also, which pool is currently open at AKL? Anyone know the hours?

When you check in there will be two to three of these packs. They are sealed. You can call and ask for more. They are free.


Decision made. The pull of the Savanna was too great! Kidani Savanna View Studio it shall be!

(At this point the only reason it would change would be IF the races are cancelled and a Poly standard room is still the same rate as the Studio. I did not go for Poly now because my plan is Animal Kingdom all day on Sunday - Marathon Day - and getting there would be an utter nightmare from the MK Resort area.)

Hooray!! I’m excited!!


(Yes forum that’s a sentence).


Yeah - I had to add the “Hooray!! I’m excited!!” part for it to take my post!

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