Ponchos for water rides?

We’re visiting Universal in mid-May for the first time (me, husband, 13yo, and 9yo boys). Our 13yo is very nervous about being wet and uncomfortable from water rides. I’m thinking of going the poncho route. Will it actually work to keep us dry?

Our IOA touring plan has us on the water rides in the morning, but maybe I should change that to the end and skip the ponchos? What do you recommend?


A poncho will keep you dry on Jurassic Park, but not the other 2, they really drench you. I’d do them before going back to the hotel for an afternoon break, or take some dry clothes to change into personally.

Thanks. I’ll just shift the plan around a bit and hopefully it will work out. Or maybe we’ll skip them altogether.

We only did Jurassic Park last time. I wasn’t in the mood for a soaking.

I’ve gotten “wet”, but not “soaked” on Dudley Do-Right. The Bluto barges are a different story; nothing will keep you dry on those. I think I would have been dryer had I just jumped into the river.

The Bluto barges ride - you basically get dunked - you WILL get wet. We had ponchos and after the ride we had wet ponchos. They do have “drying” machines that are ok at best. We planned it to do the soaker rides at the end of our day and then head back to the hotel. I would suggest that. Take NOTHING with you that needs to stay dry.