Poncho vs raincoat

Seems like everyone suggest bringing ponchos. Are there any advantages of poncho over raincoat for kids? Seems like there are more cute, durable choices for raincoats/slickers. I guess ponchos would be a bit more compact, but another reasons? Do they cover more or keep more dry? What do you or your kids prefer?

This might sound silly but ds4 loved his poncho...think it's a disney thing! Perfect size and "fun" for our rainy afternoon... Plus I could just could just fold it up and we were good to go.

I would carry a poncho but also a hat or visor under it helps keep the rain off your face.

Would it matter what time of year? In the rainy season it is still very hot. I poncho is lighter than most raincoats.


Typically I think of a poncho covering more thus keeping more dry. A casual raincoat is going to stop about hip level. A poncho is going to go more to your knees and help keep your shorts dry as well. I guess if you had a long raincoat they would cover about the same, but I think of those as more business style to cover a suit and I wouldn't be bringing that to Disney.

At least that is why I assume you hear more about ponchos.

I find ponchos much lighter, and I feel less "humid" on the inside as well. More air coming through. blush

I was actually just looking through our gear, and finding ponchos from our previous trips. But it's just been me and hubby before, so they are all adult size. Do they even come in childrens size, or are they one-size?

Ive never found kids size in the disposables so I bought a reusable one in a kids for my DD6. An adult one would drag the ground unless you cut it.

My Walgreens has both adult and kids sizes. The kids sizes get all the best colors!

We wore our regular raincoats in February, but we had 2 full-on rainy, chilly days. The other 3 days were sunny. I would imagine the ponchos are a better choice for the daily rains of summer because it's hot and doesn't last all day.

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I spend lots of time hiking, camping, and backpacking. I have a pretty high quality rain coat that is light weight and breathable with zippers for venting. It folds right up into one of the pockets. I prefer to take it.

If the choice was a cheap rain coat without all the features or a poncho, I'd probably pick the poncho.

I have seen kid size

@akershus I looked on amazon & searched children emergency poncho. Under other era there is a store selling for $.99 $5 shipping

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On our last trip we took both rain jackets and ponchos. We had hard rain late one afternoon and used ponchos. We had light off and on rain on a couple occasions and we used our jackets because they were easier to take off and on. I say take both and decide what to use as needed.

For me I like my rain parka, it comes down to almost my knees, will fit into my bag with little problems. I use my jacket for more than just Disney, it was expensive, it's an $80 LL Bean with lifetime guarantee. Better for adults.

Ponchos are good too, and they more easily cover a bag than rain jackets, especially backpacks. And they are cheaper,
It really boils down to preference. Also what you are willing to spend.