Polynesian travel question

Hello! Our trip is in just a few days & we are thrilled to be staying in a DVC standard studio at the Poly. We requested Tokelau, but obviously no guarantees there. I have some transportation questions for those of you with experience here regarding the best/fastest way to get to the parks.

For Magic Kingdom- should we take the resort monorail, walk to TTC and take the Express monorail, or take the boat? I’m particularly interested in rope drop, but would love overall advice. We will have a stroller.

For Epcot- I’m assuming walking to TTC & taking the Epcot monorail is the best option?

For dinner at Artist’s Point- should we monorail to MK and boat over to WL?

Thanks for your assistance!


It depends on which is the closest walk for you. If you are in a building closer to TTC, I would go there and default to the express monorail or ferry, depending on how the monorail line looks. If you are closer to the resort ferry, that might be best. Otherwise, resort monorail is usually fine.

Yes, this is almost always going to be your best option unless you’re really close to the Grand Ceremonial House and would trade more waiting for less walking.

Yes, take the fastest method to MK (see above response) and then take the WL ferry.

I’m excited for you! I love Poly and the transportation there is among the best of all WDW.


Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your input! We are very excited. It’s been almost 3 years since our last trip as a family & first time as a family of 6. We are really looking forward to the Poly; fingers crossed it lives up to the hype!

Editing because we’re a family of 6. I was thinking 4 kids when I typed :joy:


I’m jealous too!!

Oh wait that’s not what you said.


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I was all excited to take the boat a couple weeks ago on our stay at Poly - we were shocked at how slow it was….and it stopped at the Grand Floridian first (but this was on the way back - no idea on the way to!). We were wishing we took the monorail instead.


The resort ferry yes

But the big ferry goes right across and quickly.

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@Jeff_AZ @OBNurseNH @FindMeAFishingSpot how early do y’all recommend leaving Poly for rope drop to MK & EP?

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It’s been ten years since we stayed at the Polynesian but we took the resort boat to MK for rope drop both times we went. It took us straight to MK and we were near the front of the rope drop pack. On the way back from MK the boat does stop at GF first but it was direct from Poly to MK.


Sadly, with the crew I have we never make rope drop so I am sorry, but I am absolutely no help in that regard!


That’s good to know – I never took the resort ferry because we were closer to the TTC ferry.

We never make rope drop per se, but the general wisdom is to leave about 30-45 minutes before EE starts if you want to be in the park by the time EE starts, and more like 75-90 minutes before if you want to be at the front of the pack. That said if you leave about 60 minutes before you will probably be decently close to the front.


Is there a recommendation for end of the night transportation? I’ll be staying at Poly next Wednesday and hoping to close out the MK EEH. Maybe no big crowds leaving then so it doesn’t matter? Choose comfort?

I guess I don’t even know if both types of boats will be running that late.

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The boats can be a long wait late at night. If I was staying near the TTC I would just monorail home by the express monorail, and if staying closer to the lobby I would take the resort monorail. That time of night it shouldn’t be super crowded.