Polynesian Studio Villas

We are booked for a few nights in a Studio Villa at the Polynesian. We were looking for the convenience of the monorail. I’ve been reading a lot of negative comments about the noise until 2AM at these villas from the boat service to/from the TTC. We are worried now that we made a bad choice. I am wondering if we should change to the Copper Creek villas, which look beautiful, but we are concerned about commute times to parks other than MK. (In the past, we have stayed at BLT and are spoiled with the monorail.) Has anyone stayed at one or both of these room types? Comments are welcome!:anguished:

You can check the noise levels when you search the room views with room finder.

We have stayed in the villas twice. The last time was really close to the ferry boat landing. You can hear the boat horn, yes. But when the doors are closed it really isn’t bad. It has never Kept us up or woke us, and we have 4 kids. Actually, both times when we left, we found that we missed hearing the horn. It became part of our greatest Disney memories. And really, it’s not a constant noise, it’s only occasional.
I would definitely not change. The Poly is amazing and the villas are literally closer to the TTC than the main monorail stop so you can walk to the TTC and hop on the magic kingdom monorail, or the Epcot monorail. So easy!


Thanks! Now I am a little happier with our decision!

We’ve stayed at 3 of the Deluxe resorts lately, and at the risk of being a “Negative Nellie” we found 2 of them to be surprisingly noisy. Not only was the Beach Club Studio Villa we had noticeably susceptible to other room and hallway noise, but we thought the whole BC resort was also that way. Even a regular room in the Grand Floridian had a 1 inch gap between the door bottom and floor letting in tons of annoying elevator goings-on and hallway conversations. A strategically placed bath towel soon solved that problem. On the other hand some of the quietest stays we’ve enjoyed were at the GF DVC Villas and Port Orleans Resort. So its hard to say ahead of time. Nonetheless, I’d love to stay at the Poly Villas sometime even after reading about your concerns. Hope it works out okay for you.

I stayed in Moorea, as close as possible to be to the boat in order to have MK/water view. Totally worth it for the view. Boat never woke me or kids up from sleeping. In morning, when half awake, half asleep, sometimes it would finish job of waking someone. If you have a light sleeper, could wake someone, I suppose, but was not an issue for us, two young kids def in bed by midnight every night.

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Thanks! Good to know. Did you book Lake View or Standard View? We booked Standard View, but I was wondering if they would upgrade us to a Lake View at check-in if it is available.

We were 2037. I originally booked Lake View. They gave me Moorea as requested, but room where MK view would likely have been blocked by bungalows. But at check in able to have them move to 2037, further East, where there was MK view (and this was summer, crowded time). I don’t think you can (usually?) upgrade category for free, but I am not sure, and maybe at lower occupancy time that would be possible? However, once we were at Kidani and we picked the standard view, but there are a few standard view that actually have partial view of animals, and I remember talking while checking in, and I think they were only willing to upgrade me full view of animals with extra $. But if you don’t pay for lake view, there are beaches in front of Moorea, and then over to West of bungalows where you can take your family to go watch MK fireworks. But you’d have to leave room, bit more of a hassle.

Did you have any problems with showers not draining properly during your stays?

Are you DVC members or did you rent points or go direct through WDW? I’m wanting to book there next year for a trip in Feb and am researching renting points. Also, having stayed there, do you think our fam of 5 (2 adults, 1 petite teen, 12yo, and 9yo) would fit comfortably in the space? Really only concerned about the pull down bed as my son would sleep in it (he’s the 12yo) and I don’t want him to be cramped. Thanks!

Not member. I occasionally take non-DIsney vacations and time shares make me nervous. I have used these guys 2x: www.DVC-RENTAL.com … Excellent customer service, no problems. Stay at posh hotel for price of middle-class one and spend less on meals when you have a fridge.

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