Polynesian Standard room late summer 2019/ Have you stayed in non villa/ non DVC room?

Our family booked 2 rooms with the free dining package for a Standard view room for August 2019.

  • What room or longhouse would you choose?

I am happy for your help this is our 1st time staying on property and I am concerned with all the negative reviews of the Poly and that it is the worse place.

Thank you for your thoughts!

I love balconies! I am sure you will get multiple suggestions but I love Aotearoa 3rd floor.

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We stayed at Fiji on our first stay. Standard view looks toward the Grand Flo. It’s peaceful and beautiful. I would add that you can hear the drums from Spirit of Aloha until 10pm some nights but it was not a bother for us as we were always still up at that hour. You should consider that if you will not.

Thank you!

Thank you for the information! What floor?

We were on the first floor. Room 1301

We were in Rarotonga, 3rd Floor, Room 3801. We were really pleased with it. It was convenient for the Great Ceremonial House, the pools, transportation and fairly close for laundry. I would stay there again for sure.

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I booked my July 2019 trip at the Poly, with a travel agent for a standard view. Will the travel agent help me pick the room,or would I have to make my choice of room, when I arrive.
I was only told that I’ll have a standard room.
Thanks in advance

Check out the TikiMan’s Pages to help you decide. http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/ He gives great descriptions of the longhouses and has pictures of most (if not all) the views from the rooms. We stayed at the Poly in June of 2018 and I used my TA to request the specific longhouse we wanted and then used My Disney Experience to request a top floor room. We got both requests granted: third floor of Aotearoa long house. It was a beautiful view of the beach and the lagoon, looking toward the Grand Floridian.

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Thank you!

Do you know if on that beach if you can see fireworks?
Also great pic!

On that beach you can see the fireworks, partially obstructed depending where you are, but no music there. The main beach has plenty of unobstructed views and the music is piped in over there.

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Is there any chance this photo is from Fiji? I ask because this looks like a view that would have been had from down the hall and up a floor from me when I was in Fiji. In this photo the path to GF is off to the left, but when viewed from Aotearoa the path would be more off to the right.

This top photo is from Aotearoa third floor:

Whereas this photo is from Fiji third floor:

(both of the above photos are from the touringplans room view photos)


Yes, you can see some of the fireworks from that beach. We ate dinner on the beach one night and watched the fireworks. It was fun! :slight_smile:

Ah! Yes, you are correct - we stayed in Fiji - third floor. Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

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Oh!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: How fun!! I will consider doing that too…

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Thank you,I sent my request to my TA.

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