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We are staying in a standard room at Poly in January. The categories in the room finder don’t correspond to the new categories Disney is using. I know “Garden” used to be the standard room, but now Disney has split the rooms into Garden or Pool/Marina view. How do I know which is which? I want to request a good room - not too noisy, good views, not super far walk to transportation.

Anyone know when Touring Plans will be able to update the room finder with the new categories?

Questions like this are best answered when you tag @len in them :wink:


We should have it done in the next few weeks. We don’t have a way of breaking out 2017/2018 maps, so we’re delaying it as long as possible.

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Thanks Len! My trip is in January so that should be plenty of time for me. I will try to be patient LOL.

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I have a question about how early 2018 bookings will be handled, or how people ( @len ) think they might be handled with new category changes. If rooms were “booked” as standard and are currently sold out (as they appear to be the first week in February), how will they assign the new marina rooms, say in Fiji, which were fully booked as standard. I don’t know the numbers but if they booked 100 rooms as standard and as of 2018 there are only 80 standard rooms, there are still 100 people with vacation rooms booked as standard. Thank you so much!!!

I don’t think anyone can answer that question! But, when we booked (late summer) they already had the other categories loaded for marina/pool view. So it’s probably not going to be an issue. I’m not sure when they updated the categories in the booking tool, but it was at least 6 months ago.

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Disney’s computer systems will allow the room assigners to upgrade people when this happens. My understanding is that that’s what’ll happen here too.

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