Polynesian Resort Room Advice Please

We have a trip booked for November and I am wondering what would be a good room request at the Poly, bearing in mind that construction work will still be ongoing (when I booked I thought it might have been finished by the time of our trip 9th Nov - 19th ). I have done a bit of research and originally thought that Samoa would be a good choice for our family on the top floor (3610 or similar) but is this now a bad choice for those dates? There are 5 of us (me, DH, DD 13, DD 11, DD 7) and are staying in a standard room. TIA.

Samoa was a very nice longhouse, but if the quiet pool construction is still going on, you’ll be affected as it’s right next to it.

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I think it’s too hard to know at this point. it’s hard to say how bad east pool construction will be til they get started on it. follow tikiman on facebook. he has been somewhat silenced by Disney (he was told by them basically not to share construction rumors or things that were unofficially unannounced) but he does still post pics and others do post resort pics on his site as well. I am going to poly at end of October and at this point am requesting monorail side of aotearoa which is not where I would request if east pool construction wasn’t happening. but it seems to be the furthest away from where the main work will probably be. but I will be looking for info closer to the date before I decide on which room to request.