Polynesian questions

Haven’t stayed at the Polynesian in about 10 years. When I was little - you used to get to your room via golf cart. I don’t remember doing that the last time. Am I remembering correctly we just walk to room after checkin.

We are staying club level in 3 weeks :blush:. Just going to do resort day our first day -it’s DS 21 and I. We will have rental car. Checkin - is there separate area for CL. Second how has parking been at the Polynesian? We have EMM on Tuesday - ferry or monorail. If monorail TTC or direct from Polynesian?

Thanks! Last year we did Contemporary and I loved walking to MK. DS wanted Polynesian as we stayed there when we went when my sons were young.


Last time I checked into Poly CL they had me check in at the desk in the lobby, walked me to the Hawaii building, and then I checked in again. If the monorail is running(check the times guide) I would take it direct from Poly.

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The last time we stayed CL at the Poly and had a car, we were met at our car (the gate guard must call to notify the valet). They took our luggage and walked us over to the CL building and we checked in there.

We stayed at the Poly a few months ago(not CL) and there was tons of parking–it was spring break and we never had an issue finding a spot.

When we did EMM from the Poly, we took the monorail from the hotel and did not go to the TTC. I think that sometimes the TTC monorail isn’t running that early.

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