Polynesian Pool Area

Is the pool at the Poly for guests staying there only. We are staying at Pop and I normally don’t pool hop, but we are heading to 'Ohana on our last day at WDW and don’t have any park plans before we leave for our flight out. Was hoping to be able to spend an hour or so in the pool area there.

Poly guests only.

That’s my understanding as well – poly guests only. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but FYI if you are interested, I think the most recent “Be Our Guest” podcast addresses this topic

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sorry – looks like the link didn’t show up http://beourguestpodcast.blogspot.com/

Thanks. I “knew” that was the case, and I did catch that on the podcast. I guess I was just hoping someone may have a workaround for it. But I am guessing that is not a possibility.

FYI I was wrong about the podcast. the description said it was discussion “resort hopping” so thought it was on point, but just listened and it is not.

With the new pool they have enclosed the pool with a fence. There is now MB access for resort guest only from what I could see.

According to on the ground reports they are not locking the gates.

I just came back from staying at the Poly and the gates are not being locked, however I did see a CM asking a family to leave. I didn’t get to hear exactly what was going on or how the CM found out that they weren’t Poly resort guests but the CM was saying that the Lava Pool was not accepting guests that pool hop.

I am debating booking Poly in August. Is the pool/pool area overcrowded in the afternoons? It seems as if it would be if non-guests are trying to swim there.

I stayed there last July before the fence and it was crowded. It seemed much better last month.

I just read that the pool won’t be open until early 2016. Were they talking about the other pool? I’d love to stay at Poly this Christmas, but it sounded like it would still be a work zone. However, if the main pool would be open, I’d take a chance on other construction areas. Anyone know for sure?

The main pool has been renovated and is open. The quiet pool will now be closed.