Polynesian motion sensor thermostats?

I read those as more “hypothetical scenarios” rather than “factual first hand accounts”.

The first place I heard about them was from people complaining about them and trying to find a way around the system. Some people reported that, if they went in and changed the settings on the thermostats themselves, they found that the next day the hotel staff would check and set them back to defaults.

This was a couple years back, however.

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I can say as a first hand account I have awoken due to being uncomfortable due to our room being stuffy and hot. This was at Disney resorts in the summer. When I moved the night the A/C started. Since then I have started overriding the thermostats.

After a long hot summer day(s) or touring we are often exhausted upon returning to the resort. It doesn’t take long for the room to become stuffy in August.


Our room was like an icebox. Always turned down to 66 at night and still there in the morning. This was last week


Thanks for the report,and that’s how I keep my AC at home. ;0)

I’m currently at AKL Jambo (not a dvc room) and it seems like the AC has stayed on through the night, and it’s been cool enough when I’ve gotten back to the room.

My problem is that when I wake up in the morning, I turn the temperature up and some very aggressive heat comes on???!? Why would they do that? Just blow less cold air on me!

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Maybe they want you to experience the real African savanna effect?


:raising_hand_woman: Hi, hotelier here…have you ever asked the front desk to do what is called an “occ sensor” override? In most interfaced systems (I.e. the Property Management System talks directly with the HVAC system), the front desk can simply override the default. They don’t WANT TO, but typically there is a way.

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Oh, also, I’ve stayed in that hotel where you wake up in the middle of the night sweating…awful.

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Because I’d wager the average guest is going to be confounded by the heat/air conditioner mode switch found on most home thermostats, and would be hooting and shrieking should the outside temperature be cold, and the thermostat was set to something like 68, but was blowing cold air and not heat. So, if the temperature is adjusted more than two degrees in either direction, the thermostat switches modes.

Thank goodness! I thought I was losing my mind on our last trip! My mom and I couldn’t sleep because the room would get hot. I am going to try ALL the tricks now that I know. Now, I have a crazy question. Is it possible that the thermostat at my mothers house has this feature on it? We have both noticed that it gets hot during the night no matter what we have the thermostat set on.

Possible, but unlikely, unless whoever installed the system used commercial thermostats instead of residential. Find the make/model of the thermostat and Google it to find out its features. If if does have the motion sensor feature you should also be able to find the instructions to override it.

Does the whole house get hot? Does your mother live in a two-story house?

In our house, at night, since temperatures outside have dropped, the thermostat (which id downstairs) doesn’t go high enough to kick on the A/C, but all of the hot air in the house ends up in the top floor where the bedrooms are. So, there can be a 5 to 10 degree temperature difference by morning!

To get around this, sometimes I’ll switch the house fan on from the thermostat, but not change the temperature setting. This forces the air to be circulated and keeps the temperatures more balanced throughout the house.


Thank you. I’ll check that out next week when I visit her.

Yes, whole house. It’s not two story. We live in south Louisiana and it’s super hot and humid here. Thermostat is set on 68, we go to bed freezing but wake in the night because it gets hot. We both thought it was just us until one of us mentioned it and we realized it actually was warm in there. I’m going to have to put on my detective hat.

Just got home Tuesday,and we had a great time. We watched a YouTube video on how to override the thermostat, and after learning how to override the system,we were always comfortable. It was also nice coming home from the park, to a nice and cool room.
I also slept like a rock, since the ac never shut off while I was sleeping. Plus the bed was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on! I wouldn’t hesitate going back to the Polynesian.

If possible, could you post a link to the YT video?

Thanks very much!!