Polynesian Luau

I assume they still have the Luau. Is it worth $78/person. We have 2 adults & 2 fourteen yr olds who are fussy eaters.

In my opinion it is not worth it. I did it in 2005 though. We had tier 1 seating. It apparently has not changed from reports. The show was good and the food was ok. There are several things I would rather spend my money on at Disney at that price point. EMM, party tickets, the water park, cheaper but better food, etc.

Spirit of Aloha is ok but not great we were there in June. I would not say don’t go and I would not say go I would say I hope you enjoy it.

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I have never done it, but the reviews are generally mediocre. For that price, I’d much rather do a signature dinner.

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ty. I think we rather do Hoop de Doo anyway. BTW can u tell me wat I need to bring to use Pop Century coffee maker: coffee; pods, filters etc. ty

I did it back in the 70’s and haven’t considered doing a repeat since then …