Polynesian in August/September

Yesterday I looked at Polynesian DVC availability in early September and it was wide open. Today I logged in and the last few weeks of August and most of September are waitlist only. That seems like a glitch or refurb-related closing. Has anyone heard anything about this?

I was looking around yesterday and today too. I noticed the same thing.

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I did read that there a soft goods refurb happening at Poly DVC, but I think it’s before then. They aren’t due for a full refurb for quite a while.
ETA: went back to where I read that (the DIS) and they are now saying that the dates originally blocked off (May and June) are wide open. So maybe it got pushed back?


That would make sense. Wait until the regular rooms are back in service first, then do the soft goods refurb of the DVC rooms.

They could then offer those already booked for that timeframe a newly refurbed regular room, and stick a microwave and toaster in them perhaps. Some might be OK with that if they didn’t like the alternative DVC studios available.