Polynesian Deluxe Studio - Which building to request?

Going to be staying at the Poly in June.

I believe the buildings for the Deluxe Studio are Moorea, Pago Pago or Tokelau. My thinking is to either request Moorea (first choice) or Tokelau (second choice).

Anyone have any thoughts?

Do you have standard or lake view?

Personally I would be less concerned with which building than what floor - do you want to be on the 1st floor with a patio or a higher floor with a balcony?

Standard view. Pago Pago seems like a no-go because of the proximity to the parking lot. I think I will request a higher floor.

I’ve stayed at Moorea and having the laundry room in our building was a plus.

@PrincipalTinker and @OBNurseNH are both familiar with Poly and can give current advice

We stayed at Tokelau in 2016. We had a “standard” view that just happened to have a magnificent view of Cinderella Castle. We watched the fireworks a lot from our balcony. To say it was magical was an understatement. I found the room by looking at the maps right here on touringplans.

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I am as yet unfamiliar with the DVC buildings though. Check back with me after April

Is being close to the GCH and monorail important? If that is your priority you want want to flip your choices? I think you have a good plan and it is never a long walk from one part of the resort to another.

Our “home’ is Poly. As DVC members, we have only stayed in moorea. I believe that is the only DVC building at present (at least the only one with a lake view). We always book lake view and request 3rd floor…the view is spectacular! Moorea is also super quick walk to the TTC, which is so convenient. I think I would be disappointed to stay in a different building actually :laughing:

There are the three DVC buildings, as OP noted.

Right, but the only one with the designated lake view, other than the bungalows.

OK. The OP has standard view booked though!

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View from our room in Tokelau. This was a standard view room.


Do you remember the room #?

The room number is 3914.


Ha! That’s the exact room I picked out on my own for my room request! :crossed_fingers:

Hope you get it!

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Good luck!!