Polynesian Deluxe Studio View

Does anyone know if there are any deluxe studios at the Polynesian with a water/lake view? We just made reservations through Disney but wanted to do the room request form here ASAP.

Thanks in Advance!!

I think the upper floors in the west side and north 1/4 of the building that starts with T had some partial water views. See the room finder.

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DVC Studios on the North side of Moorea are all lake water views. I believe they are the only ones specifically designated as “water view”, although I could be wrong. That being said, some of the studios in Tokelau will have at least a partial water view, but I do not believe they are classified as “water view” I think they are standard view.

But I know the northern facing rooms of Moorea are all water view. We were in 1031 and had a great view of castle, space mountain and fireworks from the patio. Upper floors are probably better cause you can see over the bungalows, but we wanted first floor. As such, 1031 had a gap between the bungalows which aligned perfectly with the castle.

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Thank you both so much! It’s sounding like 1031 May be the one to ask for. So would 2031 be right above it? Wondering if the room directly above would be even better???

Have you used the room finder?

If view is your primary concern, then 3rd floor in Moorea would be better as the bungalows would be out of the way.

Hi! I did use the room finder and requested a room with a north view. Thank you!

Next question, how likely is it that I get the room I’m requesting? Would love to know what my chances are😊

I should have specified that these were standard views but some had partial water views.

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Well, that depends. As I said before, I believe the only rooms classified as DVC Studios at the Poly with a Lake view are the north facing rooms of Moorea.

So, if you have a reservation for a Lake view DVC studio at the Poly, you will probably get a N facing room in Moorea. As to whether of not you will get the EXACT room you requested, I don’t know. Probably not great. The chances of getting on specific room are tough… but if there are a pool of 8 or 10 acceptable rooms, then your odds go up!

I would craft your text with what ever is important.

For Example…

DVC Studio with Lake View. Requesting north (lake) facing room in Moorea. Prefer room 3031. If not then anything between 30xx-30zz…3rd Floor most important.

This then provides the room assigner your preferred room, a bank of rooms that are also acceptable, and the single most important thing to you (3rd Floor).

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The farthest 3+ from rest of Poly (closest to TTC) have castle view, 2nd floor up. Higher floor would be better.

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Aldo if you plant yourself cheerfully at check-in, they’ll switch your room, if they have one of the ones you want. Usually. If you ask nicely. It takes forever and your kids might want to murder you.


Hahaha! Well it’s just my hubby and I! No kiddos! Thanks! I also called WDW today and requested a deluxe studio facing the bungalows, which are the north facing rooms. Don’t know if it helped to request both here and Disney. We shall see😊

Sure, bc if they give to you in the first place you don’t need to ask for a change @ desk. If you can’t manage it, easy enough to slip down to beach & watch there.

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