Polynesian Construction - Should We Switch?

We’re planning on staying at the Polynesian on May 13, 2015. I just received an e-mail from them that the East/quiet pool will be closed during our stay. Having a 2.5 year old, it was unlikely that we were going to frequent that pool. Looks like Volcano pool will be done, though!

That said, is the construction horrible? We’ve never stayed at Poly before and I was very excited about it. Do you think the work will ruin our stay? Should we switch? We will want easy access to MK.


We are thrilled you have chosen to be our Guest at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

Walt Disney once spoke of how his creations would never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world. It is in this spirit that we have embarked on one of the largest and most exciting updates in our history! In preparation for your upcoming stay, we wanted to make you aware of renovations that will be taking place during your visit.

The Polynesian East Pool will be closed for enhancement from mid-April 2015 through early 2016. During this time, you will observe construction taking place and certain pathways and buildings may be unavailable. Noise may be overheard while this work is being completed, but please rest assured that construction will not begin until after 9:00am.

While we work our magic, many of our exceptional amenities, including shops and dining experiences, will continue to be open for your enjoyment. If you wish to swim, our recently-renovated Lava Pool, featuring a zero-depth entry, a 142-foot waterslide and an infinity hot tub, will be available to you, weather permitting.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these exciting times. While you may see or hear our “work in progress,” please know that we are making every effort to ensure your visit is comfortable and magical."

Honestly, I would not stay at the Poly with the amount of construction going on right now. While I’ve not seen it in person, the pictures and things I’ve heard from other people indicate that it’s not as magical as it normally would be. For the rate those rooms run, I couldn’t justify spending the money on it if it’s a construction zone.

YMMV, though, and as I said, I haven’t actually seen it with my own eyes.

I stayed there recently. Maybe they will make a ton of progress by May, but there was construction everywhere last month. I am not a very picky resort person usually, but all the work going on, the walls that were up, and the mess on the beach was pretty distracting. Plus the walking path to the TTC was closed, which was a bummer. Again, maybe it will be miraculously wall-free in May. but I’d be nervous.

We have some recent photos up here: http://wdwnt.com/blog/2015/03/drik-wallen-brian-careys-3215-wdw-photo-report-polynesian-magic-kingdom-disney-springs-etc/
I’d still expect some construction into May, and I’m not sure how long the monorail schedudle changesare going on for either (set through at March last I saw but that could change at any time.) It would be far from my first choice right now.

What are the monorail changes? I wasn’t aware of that. We are only planning on going to MK during this part of our stay.

Now I’m depressed! If not Poly, I don’t know where to stay? Maybe Bay Lake Towers or Grand Floridian? I wanted easy access to MK.

During certain hours the monorail has been running as a shuttle Poly>GF>MK>GF>Poly and back. Other beam runs TTC>Contemporary>MK and back. Appears to be work on the Poly to TTC stretch as part of the automation.

this is a tough call b/c no one knows how extensive the work will be during your exact dates. Do you follow tikiman on facebook? he gives lots of current pics and up to date info. according to him, the feature pool, new kids play area, trader sams and the beach area with hot tub overlooking it (hope I’m describing that right) should all be open by your dates in May. the entrance to the GCH is also having alot of work done on it and he doesn’t know when that will be done. He says the whole east pool is getting torn out but who knows exactly when they will be doing the heaviest of the work. I guess it depends on how much you really want to stay there vs another resort. Personally, I would keep the res and if it looks really bad closer to the date you could switch (that also depends on if you are booked on a promotion or not and if there’d be availability elsewhere). I am booked there for October and realize the east pool will still be closed (I doubt we would have used this pool anyways).
I am planning on requesting aotearoa or figi to be away from the east pool construction.

We really enjoyed taking the boat from Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom, so that might be another option for you!

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Yes - I was considering Wilderness Lodge or AKL (obviously not close, but maybe savanna view would be worth it).

The other monorail resorts are just out of my price range. They are almost double what I am paying for Poly. I listened to Tikiman’s podcast (thank you @mjsmomma) and I’ll take his advice on requesting Samoa or Niue, facing the lava pool. I’m a risk taker, so I think I’ll stay put–plus, we were excited about easy access to 'Ohana and dole whip.

From the sound of the podcast, they were really busting to try to get a lot of things done by April.

Thank you!! Hopefully, this doesn’t bite me in the behind!!


Sounds like you’ve thought it through pretty well! Good luck. Can’t blame you for wanting to stay where the Dole whips are.

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Major tip for you that isn’t often spoken of here:

If you’re only going to MK from the Poly, use the resort boat, rather than the monorail.
It runs super-often, will get you there quicker, is direct, and is a beautiful relaxing ride.
I discovered this through trial & error after staying at the Poly for a week Easter 2012.

The monorail is still best to get to Epcot, but since you’re only going to MK, that isn’t an issue.

Go well. :smile:

@ejj I thought I read that the boat stops at GF too?

Can I ask: I saw the pictures that have been recently posted, but those were of the unfinished pool area right? I know it has been reported that the DVC, pool, Trader Sam’s, kiddie pool area will all be open by mid-April when this starts. Since the lobby is finished, what else will be torn up?

It didn’t when I was there. That may have changed since 2012. Then again, Easter 2012 was peak season. Maybe they double-up in the off-season?

The boat route is MK > GF > Poly > MK > it’s a continuous loop. So its direct to MK from Poly but stops at GF on the way back.

I am staying Poly in later May. But, we’ve stayed before when it was lovely. I want an MK location. I don’t like GF. And I want to drink a lot of Lapu Lapu’s and eat Dole Whip. CR garden view would be second choice.

If this is a special WDW trip choose something else. We go almost every month so it’s really a convenient bed location for us.


That is a key comment… “if this is a special WDW trip, choose something else.” If you go on the regular, why not if you’re getting a great rate. But if this might be your last trip for the next 5 years (for instance), go for Wilderness Lodge or Contemporary Garden View.

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@Crasstastic is absolutely correct! And of the two I would pick Wilderness Lodge. That building is just breathtaking to get to walk around and hang out in. And at night - it really is a majestic and beautiful place!


@principaltinker, the east pool will be getting a makeover (per tikiman, completely torn out and a new area done around it too). Disney sent letters/emails just yesterday to guests staying in the next coming months that says this area will be under construction until winter 2015.

We’re staying at the Poly in May and didn’t get a letter - but we are staying in the DVC portion so I think we’re safe. As a precaution I’ll check tikiman on FB!

Tikiman’s State of the Resort : http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/news/item/224-state-of-the-resort