Polynesian Club Level Help

Has anyone stayed at the Poly club level within the last 6 months? I’m just wondering if you can give me a bit of a summary of your experience. I stayed at the Poly in a std room in June, but I’m thinking of doing club level for an adults only trip for the marathon in January. I’m wondering if it’s something worth spending a bit extra for.


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I just asked this on chat. I’ll try to bump it.

We stayed club level last June (paid for by the grandparents). We ate breakfast in the club room and grabbed drinks and a small snack there when we came back to the resort for our mid afternoon breaks. Before going back to the park, the drinkers had some wine and shots before heading to the parks in the evening and had a night cap before going to bed. I hung out there with DS while waiting for the water parade - he liked sitting at the little kid tables and watching TV.

The room in general is the same as a standard room. We could hear the guy next to us yelling at his kids all night.

As for the level of service of the front desk - they really were very useful in helping us switch fast passes and got us fast passes for things that were sold out and fast passes for things in the same hour. We were with a huge party and originally didn’t plan on going to Epcot. We decided to change our plans to match the other families and the front desk and they were really nice and helpful with that. I am sure that wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t club level.

They also gave us all umbrella’s to borrow when we had to walk to the luau and it was raining…10 umbrella’s! Of course, as a planner, I had umbrella’s for my family, but the rest of the group did not :slight_smile:

We are going back to the Poly in August on our dime and decided to stay in the Studio Villa instead of club level. We debated club level, but decided to try something different. When the kids are older, we might do club level again. We definitely took advantage of the club room multiple times a day.

With club level, you also get a special check in service and don’t have to go in any lines. We had a CM greet us when we drove up and took our bags and escorted us to the club level front desk. Not sure what check in was like for regular rooms, but this one was a breeze.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this thread you will see the photos from my Poly stay in April. Club Level Information & Photos Thread

I am returning to a standard room Labor Day. Checking in I did not have the same experience- they told me I had to check in at the front desk- where they checked my ID- then they walked me to Hawaii and I was checked in again.

I really enjoyed watching Wishes from the lounge.