Polynesian Club Level First Timer!

Anyone stayed at Poly CL recently? We are doing a split stay later this month, Nov 30 - Dec 7…2 nights at Poly (CL), then 4 nights at WL (not CL) and then one more night at Gran Destino lol…(that was not the original plan but husband wanted to add one more night since Rise of the Resistance is opening…), it’ll be a lot of moving but an adventure for sure

Any tips or good info for Poly CL would be appreciated! Saw room recommendation of 3502 in another post, going to look at room tool as well. Any input on what foods offered at each time etc…? Also I thought I read somewhere that close to your checking a Club Level CM reaches out to you (not sure what for exactly?) about your upcoming stay. Is this the case and if so how close to checkin?

Is your room a theme party view?

Actually no it’s a garden club level! Just realized that after I looked at that other room (which was a theme park view)!

Room 3529- full balcony

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