Poly vs. Contemporary?


We just canceled our 11/15 trip due to my DD7 broken arm and are looking at April but the rates are even higher so trying to figure out what we want to do. When we first booked we wanted the Contemporary but there was no availability so we went with the Poly. I was excited to try somewhere new but liked the ease of walking to MK since we are going to MK 2 days, 1 Epcot and 1 AK. Then, I fell in love with the pools for the kids etc. We’ve already done Chef Mickey’s so that’s not really a plus anymore but just wondering if this is me feeling gloomy about the postponement so I figured I’d send it to the WDW forum :slight_smile: Which do you all prefer? I have a DD7 who has been to WDW before and DS4 who hasn’t (and was supposed to have his bday there :confused: )


How many days will you be doing MK? That ease is great, but if it’s one out of 5 days, is that a reason to book Contemporary? That said, I chose Contemporary over Poly last year for the high view of the fireworks and the walk to MK (our only park) was really nice, as was the space in the room. I liked that desk.


I’ve stayed at the CR one time and found it’s theme of “corporate sterility” very unimpressive; no different than the countless hotels I’ve stayed in for various conferences I’ve attended. Not “bad”, but if I’m going to WDW, I don’t want to stay in just another “nice hotel” (and if I did, I’d stay at the Swan or Dolphin for a fraction of the price). If I could afford and was willing to pay the crazy price for a tower room with a park view I may feel differently, but I’d never stay in a garden wing again.

I’ve never stayed at the Poly, but I have visited it many times and it’s quite pretty. Although the Poly and the CR are at the bottom of my list for deluxes at which I would want to stay, between the two the Poly would definitely win out.


That’s how we spent our last trip, we did 3 dys at MK so Cont was perfect and we had a theme park view


That’s how I feel too. It was great our last visit b/c we went to MK all 3 days and we watched the fireworks from our room. We really want to stay on the monorail though and GF doesn’t really appeal to us besides dining.


I had a similar reaction to the Contemporary as @bswan26. I didn’t really feel like a Disney resort to me. We did a split stay during our first trip and started at the Contemporary for 5 nights and then once some of our family departed we moved to Port Orleans Riverside. Both my husband and I liked POR better because it felt more homey and “Disney”. We even saw a difference with Mousekeeping. The Mousekeeping at POR was GREAT! They left cute Disney things in the room and even arranged my kids stuffed animal on the bed. The little things like that brings a special touch.

For our upcoming trips we are staying at Beach Club and then at the Poly. I have high hopes for both resorts, but I am more excited about the Poly. We LOVE Magic Kingdom and the ease of getting there is a big bonus for us.


We stay at BLT rather than Contemporary. Would love to stay at the Poly too one day.

I would agree with others about the feel of it, until you reach the 4th floor! Then it really does feel like Disney. And I still find the idea of the monorail going through the actual resort absolutely awesome! I could watch them all day.

And the walk to MK, or rather the walk back from MK especially at 2am, is such a bonus. We’re back in our room before some people have even boarded a monorail.

The pools are just blah though. But I love the serenity of Bay Lake compared to 7 Seas. I’ve been known to ride the boat all the way round and then onto WL or FW, as opposed to just getting off when we first arrive.


Beach Club is nice. You need to be dining in epcot in the evenings a few times IMO to really make the most of its location

That’s easy for us UK visitors as our tickets always include park hopping

A short walk to world showcase and back in the evening from beach club is brilliant

Plus a dinner in HBD in HS. I would get the boat there from beach club rather than walk


I agree completely with @bswan26. MK is your park. I’d swing the Grand Flo if you can. It’s head and shoulders above the Poly and CR. If we only had the fourth option that was never built…I dream about this place…Disney’s Venetian Resort



There’s something about all the resorts that I like, but the Poly is really special. All the dining is options are really great. The ambience is amazing. You can walk to the TTC and it’s the 2nd stop coming and going from MK on the monorail.


I have not stayed at either but have visited both, and for me Contemporary just completely lacks theming. Unless you have that coveted theme park view from your room (for which you pay a pretty premium) there is nothing about the place that makes me feel immersed in WDW. Poly on the other hand is themed out! It is amazing. Looking forward to our first stay there in April!


We went with Poly, it stinks that there was such an increase but the pools are better for my kids and my daughter is stuck on anything Polynesian right now thanks to Moana :slight_smile: The GF just doesn’t appeal to us, besides it’s on the monorail. We stay at too many other resorts like that when we travel on the coast. Thanks all! We loved the Cont for our first trip ever when we only went to MK 3 days in a row, but time to branch out :stuck_out_tongue: