Poly Studio for 5...Comfortably?

Since the Poly studios have been available for a while now, there are probably many who can address this. We are a family of five - two adults and 3 tweens/teens. We love the 1 bedroom villas for their spaciousness and always like to try a new place when visiting WDW. We have stayed at SSR, AK, BLT and WL. We’d like to try the Poly, but I’m admittedly nervous about the size of the studio. Many of the other DVC properties won’t fit five, unless you bump up to a 2 bedroom. Anyone able to compare the feel of a 1 bedroom to the Poly Studio? Thanks!

Just stayed at poly studio in March. There were 5 of us 2 adults, dd19,DS 15, DD 10. You have bed, pull out and Murphy bed underneath TV. We were there 8 days, no problems. DS slept in Murphy bed and he’s about 6’2. 2 bathrooms are key. It feels bigger than normal studio. I’d rather have 1 bdrm, but studio is fine.


studios are usually the same size as a regular room.

Bummer. Thanks!

Thank you for your input. Wish the Poly offered a one bedroom, but the studio’s second bathroom does offer some extra appeal!

My appologies - I don’t have specific information for the POLY studio. So I did just take a quick look on Touring plans - so the Studios are 415 sf. The largest in WDW. So if you are stuck in a studio at least they are pretty big.

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Since you like staying in new places you might try OKW. They are the largest of the DVC rooms and most people rave about how nice they are and quiet and relaxing the resort is. But AKL is always my first choice lol.

I see that OKW has very large villas. Thank you for your suggestion. AKL is pretty awesome, though! I suppose at some point, we may need to repeat a resort…good “problem” to have!

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We’ll be staying at the Poly soon in a studio… family of 5. I’ll let you know what it’s like when we return.

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We are a family of 5. We are heading to the Poly studio for a 1 night stay before heading to AKL for 8 nights. We are thinking in the future, the Poly will be a great first 1/2 of a trip stay for us. The bathroom with an extra shower and sink will be key for us to get ready quickly. We like not having to pack a ton of clothes so we do laundry 1/2 way through our trip. Prefer to use the in-room machines in the 1BR villas. So I don’t think we’d ever do a full week in a Poly studio, but if we did a split stay we would do Poly the first half.

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We would be doing a split stay, too. I’ll be curious to hear how you compare the two.

I’ll keep an eye out for your review!