Poly standard room-which building?

I know there have been some changes, but does anyone know for sure which buildings are considered “standard” rooms??

Anyone have any favorites?

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I can tell you from experience they just introduced “Pool view” rooms. The people on the phone will flat out lie and say there have always been pool view rooms at the Poly. I’m requesting the Niue building, Samoa was my first choice but it’s now “pool view”.

Niue and Roratonga are all standard. Parts of Fiji and Aotearoa as well. This map is now outdated as it doesn’t list the “Pool view” rooms Disney swears were always there.

I have stayed in Aotearoa, third floor ( for a balcony), on both sides of the hallway as a standard view room and I loved it.

We loved Fiji. Close to Trader Sams! Request the side opposite the boat doc. The view was lovely and you can hear the music from the luau show. Ask for 3rd floor if you like a balcony.

Have you ever stayed in the Poly standard view studio villas? It looks like Tokelau is the quietist of the DVC standard view studio villa buildings, but I am having a hard time seeing the views that TP shows in the photos. I would like a decent view, but I am not sure of what I am seeing in these photos. (Maybe it’s my browser, but the photos all seem to be zoomed?)

I am going to tag @ezed62 here. I believe he owns Poly DVC?

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We always ask for Tokelau. Views aren’t great, but right outside Oasis pool and walkable distance to TTC.

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Hmmm looks like I’m going to have to re-check my room request as I just left it how it was on our original fall vacation… :frowning: We had picked Samoa since it was listed as a garden view. Anyone know when TP will update their rooms so I know which I can actually choose from?

We had a standard room on the 3rd floor of Rarotonga and loved it. Convenient location, and we could see some of the fireworks from our balcony…sat out there at night while the kids slept!

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that’s where we stayed, excellent view for a standard room, and close to everything

was Raratonga within walking distance to TTC? how long is the walk? better than taking the monorail?

We always walked, never took the monorail to the TTC either way, prob 5 mins walk, 10 mins if you’re very slow.


Anyone have any updates on best standard view rooms with 2 queens? I’m debating between requesting Aotearoa or Raratonga. Want to be central, so leaning toward Rarotonga, but, Aotearoa looks like I might be able to request a “standard” room and get a partial lagoon! lol. Thoughts? Or, any other recommendations aside from those 2?

Do you remember how long it took you to walk to the lobby and the TtC.
Thank you!

Not too long 5-7 min

It’s worth doing the walk to TTC. The monorail from Poly will make stops at GF, MK and the Contemporary before getting to TTC. Even if you walk on the slower side it’s quicker than taking the monorail.

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