Poly Room Finder - where's standard view?

Not that I’ve had much luck with our fax requests, but it’s fun to look at all the rooms I may end up in!
I changed my Nov. trip and want to look at standard rooms at the Poly but my only choices are Garden, Lagoon, Lake, MK. How can I find a standard view room?

Garden view is standard view but when is your trip? Be careful since some of the room categories have recently changed.

You seem to answer all of my questions, thank you!!
Nov 26th

I haven’t stayed there since 2006, wasn’t planning on staying there again this trip but the Tiki Gods have smiled on me!

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I love the new Oasis pool area! Enjoy your stay- it makes me smile just to think about it. Those rooms are amazing!

This is where I differ from many, I don’t like a pool view!
We went to visit the Poly about 2 weeks ago to watch the fireworks from the beach and hang out at Trader Sam’s patio and have some drinks. It was the night before my daughter checked in to her Disney housing and the Poly was where we first stayed for her first ever trip to WDW. It’s a pretty special place to us, but we can’t afford to go there often.
I’m REALLY looking forward to it, even though we will only be there for 3 nights.

There is a new pool view but I was posting about just sitting, walking around the Iasis pool. I like the QS there too. For standard view I like 3rd floor (balcony) and I usually get Aotearoa .

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Yes, we looked a little bit, looks beautiful! I like that you have to use your magic band to enter the pool, great idea to stop pool hopping.

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