Poly refurb news

Well now, I thought the Poly DVC refurb was a soft goods one. Albeit that the bungalows had quite an impressive make-over with some of the Moana features.

But apparently the sofa beds are being replaced with the Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall over the sofa.

Thought that might get some people excited!


In all of the buildings you mean? This would be almost a game changer. It would certainly make it an option for a short stay or a few nights at the start of a split stay. DD did not like the sofabed at all. DS can still use the twin pulldown. Though if I’m realistic I would admit that DD may not be always able to join us on trips after April 2022 (ouch - that’s the first thing I’ve acknowledged as we head into her senior year that gives me a little heartache)

Yes, in the DVC buildings being worked on now. Murphy beds seen outside apparently.

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This is excellent news.

I’m sure DS would enjoy that better as well if it’s a just three of us trip

I’m choosing Riveria for our pre-cruise stay next summer strictly because it has the Murphy beds. My kids do not like the sofa beds either. I slept on one in 2020 in the treehouse so I don’t blame them. This opens opportunities though Poly doesn’t have 1 bedrooms and our teens like their own space. (Which what I’m really saying is that DH and I would like some space from the teens but shhhhh…lol)


Please no one change plans based on my post. I’m hearing this from someone there, but for all I know the beds could be outside a non DVC longhouse and they got confused which ones were DVC.

So I’d wait until someone can post some pictures from a refurbed room.

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OK, the rumours I heard were true. I can’t find an actual room tour yet but this video uses photos to highlight the changes. Including the queen size Murphy bed.


I agree with her on the colors. Though a Murphy bed is improvement.

What I find really interesting is that they replaced the sofa beds in what is a soft goods refurb.

If that is a precedent for all soft good refurbs, that’s really good news IMO and means we should have the Murphy beds in almost all the DVC resorts relatively quickly.

I have no idea what they’ll do about OKW though. It would seem odd if it was the only resort to have sofa beds, but it’s hard to see how they can replace them.

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It’s a difficult layout to have a Murphy bed. Unless they were somehow able to put it on that wall that has the bump-out(?in?) where the chair currently sits.

Not a great pic but you can kind of see where I mean in the right of the frame.

I’ve seen them put a murphy bed where the TV would be. But it wouldn’t be a queen

Exactly. It’s where they can put the wall Murphy bed to replace the sofa.

In @OBNurseNH’s photo I can’t tell if that would completely block the way to the hallway, which obviously wouldn’t work.

I’m not sure there is a solution without losing the double aspect of the rooms. I wonder of they’ll just have to upgrade the sofa bed with the best on the market instead.

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They could reconfigure the living room area and put a Murphy bed where those pictures are

Looking at the floor plan, I think it would jut out too far towards the corner of the kitchen area, thus blocking the passageway. That would be a problem getting to the bathroom or the door if the bed was down. Trying it the other way, towards the patio doesn’t look wide enough.

I also looked at another piece of wall just beside the kitchen (backing onto the bedroom) but I don’t think there is enough room for a queen, a double at best.


I think you’ll have to click on “view floor plan” to see it.

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hahaha, I was going to do that and just didn’t ;(. I didnt’ know if the bed would be too far out. I remember there being a lot of space but our villa was ADA so hallways were extra wide too.