Poly pool and wishes

Can you see wishes while swimming in the Poly pool? Or whatever it is called now.

I believe most nights the pool is closed at Wishes time. If it is open I think technically the answer would be you can but there is a fence as well.

Oh ok, thanks. I remember seeing pics of kids swimming at the beach club and Epcot fireworks going off in the background so was hoping it would be the same. That’d be cool!

Hey tinker I think you or bswan wrote a while back…on early hour MK days…which section of MK is open? Only Fantasyland?

Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open during morning EMH.

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Thank you!! I gotta remember that.

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You are welcome.

So if we are doing 2 days at MK (our first time ever) it makes sense to do fantasy land and tomorrowland on the EMH, and the other day rope drop at 9 and hit adventure land and frontier land? Is that how I should break it up? Can we hit mostly everything before 1 and then leave fir a break. Only coming back for wishes or whatever it is called and some wondering around, maybe a 4th fast pass? Even though it’s our first time I’ve accepted not to go nuts and instead spend a lot of time at the pool bc that will thrill my kids.

Yes, that sounds like a very good plan! My kids are teens and we still take a break most days, they want the pool and a break from the hordes of people.

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Yes, you can. Last summer the pool closed at about 11. They turn the slide waterfall off during fireworks. Even if pool is closed you can open the gate by reaching over and using you MB if you are tall enough. Staff were about and didn’t bat an eyelid.

You can also see wishes from Poly beach