Poly Luau

For those who have attended the Poly Luau—is category 3 seating that bad? We are first timers, hoping for category 1 but all that was left was category 3.

I didn’t think it was to bad :slight_smile: We really enjoyed it. I will see if I can find it some pics for you :slight_smile: I think I zoomed in so they may not seem that bad, but it really was not that bad anyway. We were up on a balcony towards the back of the room :slight_smile:

There’s a balcony at the Luau?

My daughter and I also couldn’t get better than Cat 3 seating but I really wanted her to see the show so I tried it last week. The Cat 3 seating we were assigned to was actually very near the front / the stage, it was just far to the left. The view was great! I expect that maybe the experience would be different in one of the farther back / upper level Cat 3 seating but I figure it can’t be BAD, or they wouldn’t be able to fill the seats.

It’s not a tall balcony. It just sits above the other tables in the back. That is where my family sit. It was right in the middle so further back but it was fine. We still were able to see the show perfectly.

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I just assumed it was an outdoor situation. We’ve never gone because it typically gets pretty dismal reviews.

My parents took me as a kid. So when we went as a family of 5 I took my kids. My kids seemed to enjoy it. The food is good. I’m up for trying things once! To me I like the luau better than HDD. I’m not sure which my kids liked better.

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Just had to add my 10 cents.

40 (M) here, love everything Disney.

  • The dancing is pretty cool, but it’s still two hours of dancing.
  • The story is terribly boring (love story stuff always puts me to sleep).
  • The narrator / host (Auntie) is fantastic.
  • It’s interesting to see the different outfits (or lack thereof) and styles of music and dance from different Polynesian cultures.
  • The food is about 2.5 out of 4 stars for Disney. It’s pretty good. There’s “all-you-care-to-enjoy”. And you can get a rum punch in a coconut monkey. But it’s not as good as 'Ohana.
  • The absolute show-stopper is THE FIRE DANCERS at the end of the show. One of the best and most entertaining live performances I’ve ever seen in my life, hands-down. Almost worth the (expensive) price of admission.

All in all, is it worth seeing once? You bet your ears it is. I recommend enjoying your meal and the dancing, but DO NOT MISS the fire dancers at the end. As I recall, it’s about 10-12 minutes, and I am still, to this day, blown away thinking of that performance.

Edit: Added half a point to my food rating.


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We are going no matter what. My kids really want to try it, so we are.

But, let me ask for two extra cents from you—
here’s my situation, which would you do:

We have 1 night at the Poly on night #1 of our trip. We have category 3 seats for the 5:15 luau that evening. We were thinking of taking it easy that day–maybe a few hours at MK when we arrive about noon and ending the night with fireworks either on the Poly beach or from our balcony depending on our view.


We have 5:15 luau category 1 seats for our last night of the trip when we are staying at AKL. We wanted to have one last hurrah in the parks that night and are kinda thinking a quick dinner rather than luau would allow us to enjoy our last night at WDW.

My only hesitation on sticking with night #1 is the category 3 seating. If it’s not a game changer then I’d rather do night one.



I had Cat 1 seating last time. I’d recommend it. I haven’t sat in Cat 3 before, so I can’t say how different it is. But! I’d personally rather spend my last night doing “a few more attractions” and taking it easy, soaking it up … than a dinner show.

If you’re not returning to WDW for a while, do the Cat 3. If you’re already planning your next trip, wait for a Cat 1 spot.

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