Poly, FW cabins or Yacht club?

Hi folks,
We are going for a super short trip in January. We currently have a reservation at the Poly, garden view, Disney dining plan and 2 day non park hopper. We love the convenience of monorail, will only be going to MK since trip is short. We have breakfast reservations last day at Ohana (our last breakfast tradition). But we could save a fair amount of money if we switch to either cabins or yacht club. We could also get deluxe dinning and still pay less. Dining is big with us as kids love special meals and we could add citricos to the list (our favorite restaurant), but we lose convenience. We also have never stayed at Poly and it is on the kids list of where they would love to stay. What are your thoughts on the YC and Cabins that time of year? Would you take one of them for less convenience but more dining and slightly better price? Or keep dining and get a better deal but skip some of the things the kids love? Or just keep Poly the way it is. No citricos but convenience?


If you are doing MK only stay at Poly. Have you thought of Wilderness Lodge? We love it there and the boat is a nice pleasant trip to MK. You still get the MK feel - but may say a bit of $$

If you were Epcot bound I would definately say YC

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Yes we are only doing MK. It is a 3 night trip but we get in on the later side the first night, have two days in the parks then leave next day. We figured MK has the most stuff we love so didn’t want to try the other parks. Just wish we could upgrade the dining plan so we could add some great restaurants.

I wouldn’t worry about getting the dining plan. We have never found it to be a good deal. yes - it is all paid for but - for us - we always make out better by just paying $

Especially for any of the ones that require 2 credits - always cheaper to pay $$

I haven’t stayed any of the 3, but the FW cabins would probably be my last choice of any WDW resort; not really into the “rustic” theming, but the boat service directly to MK might be a plus (although not as convenient as the Poly) . My personal choice would be YC, but that’s because I love EP (and it’s cheaper). But for your trip the Poly is the most logical choice due to location. I never do any of the DDPs, so that’s not a factor in my decisions.

I prefer YC to Poly but I could not stay at YC without going into Epcot or Hollywood Studios. If you could add park hoppers I would say YC. If not Poly or as others said- WL.

We have stayed once at the Cabins, Poly and BC not YC.

The Cabins are nice if you like camping. It has a more relaxed feel than the other three. Doesn’t sound like you will use the BBQ, full kitchen. The boat ride is certainly longer compared to Poly but nice. The boat did not run for pre-park dinning. They have an internal bus system which adds time. They had golf carts but that is an extra cost. Unless you had 3 adults or really want a separate room from the kids the Cabins do not make much sense.

You know how great Poly is on transportation.

BC would be great if you went to Epcot or HS. Use of the awesome pool is iffy in January.

I agree with David to consider WL. I have never been but there would be a fair bit of cost savings. How much are you really going to use the resort?

I never found the dinning plan to save money. I have used it and done research on it. Deluxe dinning would be a LOT of food.

WE LOVE the cabins! So that would be my first choice!

This is what I love about WDW - so many choices. I think the cabins would be fun - but I like the sophistication of the others.