Poly DVC Studio - Std view room requests

I apologize if this a frequent question. Our first stay at the Poly will be at the end of May 2016. I am planning to submit a room request through the DVC owner for a higher floor studio and maybe a particular building. My biggest concern is wanting to avoid a parking lot view. Anything I need to consider before submitting the request? Thinking about Moorea or Tokelau

Thank you

Hello goofyfan13,

I just got back from Poly and booked a standard DVC room. I was assigned Moorea.

  • Be warned it is at the VERY far end of Poly. That means it is a good walk to the Volcano pool, dinning and such. After a long day of walking in the parks the laziness will set in lol. It is not awful but it is a really good distance.
  • Once the quiet pool is open you will have another option when it comes to the pool. I discovered when it is hot it is easier to cut through some of the buildings.
  • There is a great viewing area for Wishes right outside of the building. No music though but someone recommended streaming the music while on the beach.
  • This area is very quiet! Did not hear the ferry horns (because it is the closest to the TTC) but we were up early each day.
  • We found that walking to the TTC was FAR easier than walking over the Poly monorail stop or resort launch. I would pick Moorea for that reason again.

Tokelau is directly by the quiet pool which is under construction. Hopefully it will be done by then.

The DVC rooms are fun and very Disney. If you stay in Moorea room service is a great perk.

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Hi nightowl04,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and a picture of your view! You gave me lots of good points to consider. I can’t wait to experience the resort.

You mentioned room service. Did you happen to order the Ohana twilight feast? We have never ordered room service at Disney. However, I am considering it for this trip.

Thanks so much!

I just switched my reservation from the Poly standard view to DVC studio (all thru WDW travel) to get a better discount. Suddenly having remorse and afraid made mistake. Can you still submit room request through TP when staying at the Poly studios? Do you know? Thinking about Tokelea for April trip… Would love any info/insight. Traveling with DH, DD (13) and DS (9), park hoppers…