Poly Club Level in Room?

For grocery planning purposes, could someone please let me know if you are able to bring Club Level food back to your room? How about alcohol?

Yes you can bring food and drinks back to your room. They also gave me a carafe of water for the room. Editing to add that you would not need to order any extra food.

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Oh, thank you! Do you know about alcohol? It would be nice to take a beer or glass of wine back to our room to watch the fireworks from our balcony.

There are dispensers for their special mixed drink (is it Pogo Juice?)- Just fill a to go cup- you can ask for I think 2 beers at a time.

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Thank you for your advice!

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I’m; guessing the same rules apply for AKL Club level Savanaa room. We are going to do a split stay for our honeymoon with 2 nights at AKL club level and 10 nights at CS PKR.

AKL said two beers but would not give me water for room.

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Can you tell me what it was like at the AKL club level room, how long did you stay, things you did around the resort? Any information you have on it would be helpful.

Last time I stayed Club level at the Poly was 7 years ago. Every night my wife and I had a glass of wine from the club level lounge back in our room with a nice sweet plate of goodies. Loved it there! This was pre bungalows, so our view of the lagoon was much better than it would be now.
My advice with club level is to not be on the dining plan. The food is soooo good at club level we could have avoided breakfast, and the occasional late lunch or early dinner by just eating club level.

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That’s great to know! Thank you, @Disneydaddio !

I am sure you will love your CL room. I can tell you all about the lounge and I can tell you about AKL (I have stayed there a number of times) unfortunately there was an issue with my room and I never did get to stay in a club room at AKL (long story but I do have a free two night CL stay at any resort from Disney if I ever want to use it- to address my issue).

AKL is amazing! Have you seen the AKL resort activity guide? For breakfast there is Oatmeal, bagels, fruits and other cold items. At dinner time they have a chef there and they prepare and serve some hot “small plates”.

Years ago when I stayed at YC/BC they would serve French toast, pancakes or eggs in the morning. I do not think any CLs do that anymore. They also used to have a selection of salads and entrees. The only CL I have been in over the last 18 months (Poly, AKL, WL) that had a selection of food that could be a real meal replacement is WL. I spent 5 nights at Poly. One night they served sushi, and four nights there were corn dog nuggets, crab rangoons (frozen?) and some chicken spears.

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Things have changed at CL by the sounds of things… I’ve been trying to convince my family to do our next trip at AKL. Our favourite restaurant in all of WDW is Jiko - we’re in love with the food, but the atmosphere of AKL is also a part of the draw for us. Our hesitation has always been how far away we are from Epcot and MK. I think we’d end up taking a ton of Uber’s or Minnie Vans.

Jiko is my favorite restaurant too! I dream about the wild boar appetizer but I still miss the old pistachio, no sugar added, white chocolate dessert with cranberry sauce. For MK/EP you should look at WL CL! Large pots of food out every night! A lot of the food comes from Artist Point! Plus,M they tell you- if you can a beer at 7:00 am just ring or text them- no judgement. They are amazing!

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Jiko is our favorite also. On our last trip (12/16/16 to 12/27/16) we had dinner at Jiko on 12/17 and 12/26. On our up coming visit, from 12/19 - 12/21 (AKL) and 12/21 to 12/31 (CS), we are eating dinner at Jiko on 12/21 and 12/29. Love it there.