Poly closed. Now what?

We currently have a standard room booked at the Poly for April, which will not be available. We have not switched to a new resort yet. Has anyone with Poly dates during the closure had their resorts switched yet? If so, where have they placed you? We are going back and forth between playing resort roulette (just letting them place us) and picking a different resort on our own.

On another forum, it seems most are being moved to the Grand. Not sure how much leeway there is (hoping there is some in case they don’t get finished by July 19 because I do NOT want the Grand - I am not fancy enough for that place) - but unless you are going to be happy wherever they put you I would be proactive. The longer you wait, the more limited options will be.


My DH feels uncomfortable at the GF too


We’ve never wanted to stay at the GF, but none of the other available options appeal to us. This is why we haven’t been in a rush to make the switch ourselves yet. We would be happy with WL, POR, or AKL, but sadly, none of them are open. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will become available but I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve stayed at the GF before and it is obviously nice and great, but a little too hoity-toity for my tastes. I’d be happier at just about any other Deluxe.