Poly Bus to HS for Rope Drop

We will be staying at the Polynesian during a heavy Spring Break week in March. My mother will be with us and using an ECV. I’m feeling anxious about our ability to get to HS for a ROTR boarding group since we need to take a bus. Her ECV is not portable in a car and even without that we would have 5 people including one kid in need of a car seat so finding a ride share would be difficult. Can anyone speak to how early the busses are running from Poly to HS recently?

I’m curious to see what others say. I will say that about 4 years back we stayed at AKLodge, only road the Disney buses, and had very good luck getting to all parks before rope drop as long as we got up early… it was early summer so moderate to busy crowds once the day got started. But I’ve also heard the AKLodge buses are just less crowded and stop less than any other resort buses, so not sure about Poly buses. And then with the whole ROTR thing being a thing… yeah, I really would love to hear what others have to say. I’m sort of in the same boat for the upcoming trip, again staying at AKLodge and needing to get to HS for ROTR boarding (during a half marathon day, so I’m extra concerned and extra not sure about getting an uber… gotta stick to the bus I think).