Poly Beach Fireworks

Does anyone know whether the pool closure at The Polynesian limits the ability to view fireworks from the Poly Beach?

According to the Tikiman site part of the beach is closed but there is still access to the boat dock. You could always stand on the dock to see the fireworks. I don’t think the entire beach front is closed but if the sandy areas are shut down, you can camp out on the grass, we’ve done that before. Almost near the Sunset Point area that they use for weddings.

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Not sure the goal but hear Wishes is great from the other two monorail resorts too. No experience here though with all three.

I’ve read that they are or will be checking MBs to limit beach access to Poly guests only due to part of the beach being closed off. So yes, the beach is limited.

That grass @pixiemichele is talking about is the lawn in front of HI longhouse. Please be respectful of guests’ privacy if you choose to camp out there. We’ve always had a 1st floor patio and there is nothing worse than going outside to find strangers in your chairs or 5 feet from your door. Actually that’s kind of a non-issue now as the @#$@#% DVC monstrosities block the view of the castle. OK, rant over.

Yes one can also view Wishes from CR balcony or GF dock. Or even TTC w/o music.

We have had a rough year. Lost my brother to a sudden heart attack in January and my Dad in March. Decided there is no time like the present to celebrate the family we have left, so I booked this trip. My daughter wanted to do Firweworks from Poly following dinner at Kona Cafe. I had read about the Fireworks Pontoon Cruises and since we can’t watch from Poly Beach, I just rationalized spending $318 for the Cruise. After all, you only live once and , if this year has taught me anything, it is that we should enjoy life now because we never know what’s coming.
Thank You Disnry for closing the beach and finally providing me with a reason to book this cruise!

Enjoy the cruise and fireworks. Sounds like a night filled with pixie dust.

I’ve wondered for a while now how this will all end up once the Poly refurbs are done. We stay at Shades of Green and always enjoy our walks through the Poly to the TTC. We have watched Wishes from the dock for years. Does anyone know what the restrictions will be in a year it two when the refurb are all done?

Wow that cruise sounds amazing–enjoy!!! (Have you heard of Pirates & pals fireworks cruise? It’s a lot cheaper with great views too, if you’re still unsure about the cost of the private cruise.) IDK that you can’t watch from the beach right now, but I know there is less space and they’re supposedly going to be checking MBs soon.