Poly Bar Question

I wasnt sure if I should put this in dining or in accommodations so hopefully, this is ok. My family is staying at Poly and I was wondering if I could walk up to one of the bars there, such as tambu lounge, order say a lapu lapu, maybe two (one for my hubs) and take the drinks back to my room? And what about food? Can you order off the food menu and get it to go to take back to your room? I have done this at other hotel bars so I imagine it’s not an issue but you never know and its worth asking. Or, could I walk in to Trader Sams, go to the bar (no table) order drinks and take them to my room? Would love to hear anyone’s experience with this. I would really enjoy experiencing Trader Sams but with our kids ages (6, 5 and 4) pretty sure we cant ALL go, so I was thinking that on one of our early nights maybe I could go by myself, sit at the bar for like one drink then take one back for my hubs or some combination thereof. Just thinking through sceneros here :slight_smile: thanks yall

I wouldn’t order from Trader Sam’s and leave but any other bar is fine. There is also the Oasis Bar and Grill inside the gate at the Oasis Pool.