Poly 8/10 vs GF Deluxe 8/17


We are trying to decide between the Polynesian from 8/10-8/17 and the GF from 8/17-8-24.

Mitigating factors:
Crowds… the calendars all say the week of the tenth should be more busy, but I’m seeing less hotel availability the week of the 17th
Location… is it possible to walk to the TTC from the GF?
Deluxe vs standard room - I lucked out and got a Deluxe Garden View room at the GF for only a little more than the Poly.
Pools… Is the Poly pool a big step up from GF? How about the slides?

We have twin 9yr old boys. They are total fish, and one of them would live in the Newport, RI mansions if he could, so the theming of GF is definitely a pro, not a con.

Never stayed at GF, but pretty sure you cannot walk to TTC from there, but I dunno for sure. Sounds like either sounds wonderful. I think if you are trying to avoid crowds, as long as you are out before 8/29, either would work

You can, but you have to walk counterclockwise along the pedestrian path around 7 seas lagoon to and through the Poly from GF. It would take a solid 20-25 minutes at a leisurely pace, maybe 15 if you’re really speed walking.

The Poly location is better. If you’re in the DVC buildings of the Poly, the TTC is literally across the hedgerow from there. The main advantage is being able to walk to the EP monorail in 5 minutes. From the GF, you’d have to make that long walk, or take the resort monorail to the TTC then transfer.

The Poly pool has better theming in my opinion. The GF pool is big, but uninspired.

Thanks for this info!

We are aiming for the least crowded time, and the week of the 17th has lower numbers on pretty much every crowd calendar, unfortunately. I just wish that jived with the hotel availability!! I think I will wait another couple of days and hope that a Poly reservation for the second week shows up.

The other positive of the earlier week would be the lack of Halloween decorations. Having ONLY gone in the fall, it would be nice to see the park in its “natural” state!


Don’t get me wrong. The GF is fantastic and arguably nicer than the Poly depending on what theming you prefer. The walk around the lagoon is really scenic and pleasant. After a day of touring at EP it just might seem like a long walk!

Thanks!! It looks like we are going to stick with the GF for now because those dates just work better for us and for my mother (who will be watching our pets while we are gone) but I’m keeping my eye on Poly openings!

I know we will be happy either way, so really this is just nit-picking. MK is where we intend to spend most of our time, so one-stop-away access is certainly nice, and our kids won’t even mind the longer trip back since they love the monorail…

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To be honest, I think if you can get the GF & Poly at nearly the same price, you go GF. It’s just a slightly nicer resort. Remember you can also take the small boats from MK to the GF - those go GF-Poly-MK so it is usually best to take them MK to GF and then go via the monorail from GF to MK. On a busy exit day leaving after fireworks they are a great option as the only people in line are the GF/Poly people so it is much shorter lines than either monorail option or the Ferry to TTC.

Do note that only 1 of the 2 GF pools has a slide - I think it is comparable to the Poly slide in excitement, but it is more subtle in the theming.

But in general, I’d be happy to be at the GF on your preferred dates and perhaps save the Poly for next trip. Both are great resorts…

Read through this post and thank you all for your comments and aarnoldy for posting. We changed from the Poly to GF as moved our trip up a week to avoid SWGE opening. We have never seen TSL and really wanted to go without the unknowns of SWGE opening procedure and true crowd levels…

Don’t forget you can also take the boat back from MK to the GF and it is the first stop. We took the monorail to MK in the morning since MK is the first monorail stop from the GF, and then the boat back. We LOVED the GF.

Agree with all of this. And my kids actually loved the pool at GF that did not have the slide. It was nice and warm and they loved how big and open it was.