Poll time! Favorite MK fireworks show!

We just got back from Disney a couple weeks ago and managed to stay to watch the MK fireworks.

This got me to thinking about which MK fireworks show folks like best. Here are the contenders.

Your favorite MK fireworks
  • Fantasy in the Sky
  • Wishes
  • Happily Ever After (version 1)
  • Enchantment
  • Happily Ever After (version 2)
  • Other (holiday party, etc)
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Since there are various “special” fireworks shows, like what is shown during the holiday parties, I bundled them in the Other category. You can explain below if that applies to you. Otherwise, the fireworks listed here are in the order they appeared, publically, at the MK.

Is there a difference between HEA1 and 2??? :thinking:

I guess? Sounds like they simply expanded HEA to include projections on Main Street, which didn’t exist prior to Enchantment.


Heh :woman_shrugging:t4: didn’t notice

I voted for Wishes.

So, when we watched HEA, it was technically beautiful. But I felt it had no heart or compelling story driving it. It felt like just random Disney songs with random Disney scenes that didn’t belong together.

For how much effort it is to find a spot and not get trampled to death in the process, I had hoped for more.

Wishes was much more compelling on several fronts.

HallowWishes or however they spelled it.

Best fireworks.

I liked Wishes. HallowWishes was more, somehow.