Poll Time! Best and Worst Queue in WDW?

There are some decent parts in it, but there are some highly cringe-worthy aspects as well. And I don’t mean cringe-worthy as in empathizing with a character being exposed to random grossness such as bugs/spiders/snakes. But cringe-worthy, as in…what script writer thought this was a good idea? :wink:

Last Crusade was worth watching if only to see Sean Connery and Harrison Ford acting together! (But not only so…it was definitely one of he better Indiana Jones movies.)


It’s the one with Sean Connery. Motorcycle chase, Indy’s Very First Adventure, and rats under Venice. Also Indy finds himself face to face with a mustachioed fascist dictator. I love the father-son dynamic in this movie. It is so touching but also a rollicking adventure.

Basically, if Mutt (dumb name) hadn’t been swinging on vines with monkeys, I probably would have been fine, but that just brought the whole thing down 10 pegs.

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Ok, I think this will amuse everyone that’s been on the Covid thread.

I rarely can remember anything from movies. I have an excellent recall for information, but if I’m watching for entertainment…nada.

And I can’t remember faces either, nor names somewhat, but faces not at all. :persevere:

It’s like all my memory “points” are in one category. :joy:

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Okay, I’m obviously losing my mind…That’s the movie I was thinking about…Raiders of the Lost Ark! I have no idea why Temple of Doom came to mind…I mean, it was okay, but nothing compared to Raiders…sigh…

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My wife and I have compared how we both have really great memories about some things, but not others…and we complement each other nicely because I’ll remember details she doesn’t, and vice-versa.

Recent example, though, related to the movies. We were watching “Chariots of Fire” with DS11 because he had just read a biography about Eric Liddell. Anyhow, there was a scene early on where a man was working at a hotel desk I think it was. Mind you, this movie was from the early 80s. And I said, “Oh! Look! It’s Mr. Dursley from the Harry Potter movies!”

My wife never would have recognized him had I not said anything.

On the other hand, if you asked me where we got some serving dish we own, I’d go, “Uh…the cupboard?” And my wife would say, “Remember at our wedding, so-and-so? Well this was their cousin’s gift to us, but they couldn’t make it because of that thing that happened to them…” :smiley:


My kids played Lego Indiana Jones before they ever saw the movies. When they finally did see the movies they kept calling out the plot points just before they happened. Dd was also incensed because one of the character’s hair color was different in the movie than it was in the game.