Poll Time: A RARE date night opportunity

This might be more involved than what you’re looking for, but what is your DH’s favorite type of food? WDW has world class food in so many different varieties, I would choose something I know my partner would love for dinner, and then plan the after dinner stroll and conversation for something romantic nearby. For example, maybe Riviera via skyliner for Topolino’s and Le Petit Café if the European vibe is his thing.

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I had to pick walking around WS. I was so fortunate to be able to go in December with just my wife. And I don’t take that for granted, as there are a lot of people wanting to get back to WDW in the worst way but can’t yet. We were able to do most on the list, but walking through WS during a festival as the sun was setting while holding hands and then finishing the night at Chefs de France which was super private and quiet due to the distancing and where we were seated, and a really good meal on top of that, was really the perfect WDW date for us.


Oga’s is fun, but not the environment I’d consider for a date night. Also, they limit you to 45 minutes or 2 drinks (though you can order another to go when you are leaving), so you might feel pretty rushed. You also run the risk of getting a standing table rather than booth. I’d pick walking around WS and taking in the ambiance, then a sitdown dinner in/around EP.

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