Poll Time! A Meta Poll

Some more “value” centric options might be good. Best DVC rental service? Best off-site restaurant food delivery? Where to get groceries either delivered or by shopping in person? Side trip ideas or off site souvenir shops? Best vacation home rental options or DS area resort. Increasing costs are a popular topic so this is a natural progression for me. Also Disney-related content would be interesting. Best Playlists? Podcast? YouTube Channel? I always wonder what content people enjoy and why.




Another idea for a topic:

How do you and your children (maybe of a minimum age?) pass the time waiting in line:
Each one doing separate things on electronic devices
Doing a group activity/game on electronic devices
Unplugged - talking, looking around

I admit I have no recent experience doing WDW with kids, so I don’t know the correct terms.


Universal Orlando resort-wide Food Poll TS & QS


I think people’s spending priorities are interesting.

Every time I price up a trip, the cost of anything other than a budget onsite hotel seems horrifying to me. They’re so much more than Pop and the All Stars. Very occasionally, CSR is close. There are no circumstances in which I would stay at a moderate or a deluxe.

Yet, flying transatlantic, I never even look at the economy fares. I would never fly economy from the UK to the US. I try to find an “affordable” business class fare, otherwise I settle for premium economy (which is like US domestic business class).


Solo, I agree. Solo I prefer Pop (I did treat myself to GDT for 2 nights last spring but that was a matter of research as much as anything.

But when you add more people to the mix, the need for more room/amenities/etc becomes more important.

And then for those of us that are DVC, well paying for any room becomes painful


I had a similar though last night while reading the initial postings.

I would be interested in finding out the value people feel they recieve from the allocations they make on various different spends during a WDW vacation. For a trival example, when looking at an overall experience do they find that spending $$$ on a deluxe resort vs $ on Quick Service meals yields the best vacation.


I’m trying to figure out how to turn a lot of the various ideas being thrown around into poll(s). :sweat_smile:

Good luck with that, @Jeff_AZ


Oh you noticed? :joy: I’ll figure something out!


I thought this was something about who uses Facebook. :woman_facepalming:t4: