Poll question re: TP timing

When you follow your TP, do you find that you more often are ahead of schedule or do you fall behind? If you get ahead of your scheduled TP times, does it help or hurt your wait time?

It actually fluctuates for me. I’ll find I’m ahead, so then I’ll hit up a “filler” and still be ok but then sometimes, it takes a little longer and I can see we are getting behind.

The great thing is, I can adjust because I know what’s on the “list” and can “see” how things are going. So if there’s something that’s gonna get missed and it’s important, I can move things around.

I use a TP more like a guideline.

Kinda like pirate law.


On a given day, sometimes I’m ahead, sometimes I’m behind - I find that it evens out over the course of the day.

I’ll be honest that I don’t pay attention to the time…I really just use it for an order of what to do later and optimize frequently (every 2-3 rides).


Its only a guide and many things can influence wait times on the day. A ride breaking down will increase wait times for surrounding rides, a kid throwing up can close a ride for 10 mins causing a spike in wait times, rain changes peoples behaviours a therefor some rides will get shorter. Don’t get too hung up on the PLAN it will be accurate (ish) but if you have little ones and not allowed for parking and finding strollers you will loose 5 mins a ride, if your teens go hyper you will get ahead but then have to deal with their tiredness later on. Its all give and take, so think of the TP as a guide /list of what you would like to do and take it from there. To answer your Q I agree with DarthDopey.

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Historically they’ve been pretty good. Last trip they were so far off, me TPs were a shambles by 11:00…

Generally fairly accurate… we’ve found that we’re the ones who are inaccurate - i.e. not planning enough breaks for snack/pee/shop/etc. So now that we build in a 20 min break am/pm and a decent (60 min for CS) lunch break, we have some breathing room to make adjustments on the fly.

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Well… In the past three years… Ds5 and I have always been ahead of our TP, we (were) FL AP holders and know the “lay of the land” pretty well… Fast forward to last fall… We added ds1 to the mix and on the last trip were behind the TP… This new kid better get it together :wink: hahaha

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