Political/ activist buttons - where to buy

We are in D.C. And I was hoping to find replicas of political / activist buttons, like the ones they have on display at the American History Museum.

I have been looking in the gift shops and I can’t seem to find any. Does anyone know of a good place for them?

I live here, and I can’t think of anyplace other than the big gift shop on the lowest level of the Smithsonian American History Museum. If you didn’t see them there, then your best option might be to look online. There is an online version of the Smithsonian store, although they don’t have anything not found in the shops.

DC is kind of an odd town. Tourism is a big part of the area, but a lot of it is publicly funded, so they don’t do the same level of merchandising you see in other touristy places. There are some great gift shops! They just don’t always have new merchandise for current or temporary exhibits. My favorite gift shops for finding new things are the shops for the National Gallery of Art and the Spy Museum.

Thanks for getting back to me. A salesperson at the SAHM said they sometimes have them. I’m going to the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality national monument today. I’ll see if they have anything there.

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so there used to be a shop in National Harbor that had all sorts of political items - think there were some buttons. If you find yourself in that area (which is actually fun) take a look. I forget the exact name - but it is right near (a few stores down) from the TERVIS store

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Thanks. It was a bust. Since I am looking for replicas and not original buttons, many of the shops don’t have them or they are very narrow in scope. Lots of Obama buttons available. Oh well. I just have to look online or make my own!

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